Skyline, Superstar, 888x, G5, or Genesis?

I am looking for a new yoyo and have come down to these.

I have a Superstar and a Genesis. In my opinion the Genesis is way better than the Superstar. My Genesis is supersmooth, does not have hubstacks, and it floats on the end of the yoyo. I find it very easy to get through tricks because its easy to whip around. It could just be my Superstar but I feel like it is a brick at the end of the string. I have an easier time hitting tricks with the Genesis. Don’t get me wrong, the Superstar is an awesome yoyo. I’m just comparing those two yoyos. I thought the Superstar was the best UNTIL I got the Genesis.

You just have to really figure out what best fits your style. You got 4 out of the 5 yoyos up there with hubstacks. You have to figure out what shape you like.

no offense but why limit yourself to only yyf seems strange to me

well you have two small size yoyos and three full size yoyos so first you have to figure out what works best for you big or small. i like the full size ones myself. smaller yoyos tend to loose their stability because the bearing is the same size in the big yoyos as the small ones ( in this case) and if the bearing isnt shrunk down with the yoyo size then stability and spin becomes an issue, but this is my opinion. i love my genesis (i also have a G5) and i dont think you could go wrong with it at all. also it depends what style you like to play, if its fast then the small yoyos and even the genesis could do that easy, or if you go slow then the superstar and the genesis would be good buys. ive pushed my genesis to some pretty good speeds and i have bought alot of yoyos that i thought i would like more than the genesis and all werent as good and i havent found one that i own that out performs my genesis.
really hope this helps

i love the genesis. i have to get one soon. soooooo i think you should get the genesis.

thanks everyone. i play somewhat slowly, and many recommended the genesis, so i may go for that.