YYF 888x V.S YYF Hubstacked Genesis V.S YYF Superstar

Three of them are great but i could buy one onlyby comparing everything`u can compare
which should i choose if i

=mostly play 1A tricks with normal speed`

Well, I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that 888 and Genesis are both around 100 dollars, while the superstar is 120.

Superstar and Genesis are both H-Shaped, meaning they’ll play a bit heavier. 888, being a rounded butterfly, will probably play lighter. (I’ve only had Genesis so far.)

Eliminate!: Do you like a lighter playing yoyo, or heavier and more stable?
If you like a lighter one, go with the 888.

The genesis is wider than the superstar by 3 mm. The genesis also has a more Hshaped shape, the Superstar is more of a… flared out body with thickened rims. And FWIW, the superstar has a YYE and wavelength edition… if you’re into looks.

Last Note: The Genesis started out without hubs, and now has hubstacks on it. The superstar and 888 were both made designed with hubs. In my thinking, this might cause the genesis not to be as vibe free or stable… maybe… it’s just an idea.

but go with the ones you like best.


Emin fact the superstar is much expensive so i will prefer the genesis and 888x more,my play style just like my idol yuuki spencer since he use a hubstacked genesis at 2010 world championship, i wanna try one. But the 888x got many good comment in the reviews ,it looks awesome too. OHmay be i need more comment on them by comparing their abilities~ thank you u guys`

If u want cheap, go for the Genesis. Never go for the 888x…

No, the stacked Geneses are just as smooth and stable as their unstacked brethren.

Everything else that Batryn said is dead on. I own all 3 of them (well, the Superstar is my little bro’s, but same difference) and they’re all incredible. Stacked Genesis is my current favorite - Throwback edition to be exact. I’m not sure if the grinding finish on the Throwback is the same as on the standard model so that’s the only reason why I distinguished - amazing finish by the way.

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the price of hubstacked Genesis and 888x are the same… :smiley:


wow~u are so great ! could u tell me their abilities(sleep time,throw texture,hubstacks sleep time…)
thank you~ :-*

the review above is a 888x reviews… he just say the 888x got the smoothest hubstacks system, how about the hubstacks genesis?

Okay, if what ratfaceddudeguy said is true about the stability of a genesis, and you don’t want a superstar because of price, than it’s easy.

Look at a picture of their shapes, right down the axle. Which one do you like better? Which one attracts you more? The circular, rounded, smoother 888, or the sharper, more defined, Genesis?

Also, don’t take Genesis because Yuuki Spencer had it. Your preferences are different than his. Copying him will not make you him, no offense. You need to take your own path, not follow his. It’s alright to aspire to be like him, but don’t copy his exact loadout and such, because then you might be stiffling your own growth.

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oh ya ~you are right `but i wanna know more about their abilities in fact i can get a better choice~ :smiley:

They’re abilities… are roughly the same… main difference is the shape. The H-Shape is more stable, and a plays heavier, while the rounded butterfly is more apt to tilt, but plays lighter and floatier… generally. I’m not sure about the 888x, but I know the Genesis does play heavy. Someone want to say if the superstar plays light or heavy?

why never get the 888? ive tried both and from my experience the hubstacked genesis is unstable. not like 888 unstable but you know unstable. without the stacks on like if you take them out it gets stabaler

Just because the 888x is made in china doesn’t mean it’s worse. It’s just the chinese operating the equipment… the factory stuff is still the same… and I haven’t heard anyone say it was worse… than the others.

Actually, the majority of the people I’ve talked with agreed that the '07 and '08 888s were leagues better than '09 and 888x. The 888x is very unstable. I do not like unstable. Thus, I do not like 888x.


Right, so then why say the following:

Huh? They’re the same price and the 888x is a great yoyo. Many people that came into this yoyoing world when 07 888s were here liked those and don’t necessarily like the changed versions. No matter what you think or what those people say, that doesn’t make them worse in any way.

The “abilities” of these yoyos are all roughly the same, as Batryn said. Honestly, if you’re trying to be concerned about the “sleep time” of a yoyo, you probably shouldn’t be looking at such expensive ones and should be working on getting a better throw with what you have.

(I’m not telling you that you have to do that, that’s just my thinking. Feeling free to do what you want.)

i need a conclusion~i know u guys are very helpful~could you give me a dicision?if u were me,which will u buy? ???

888x, because I dislike the Genesis, it plays too heavy.

That’s you. Many people love the Genesis, as do many love the 888.

We aren’t you so we can’t decide for you. You just have to look around to see some yoyos that fit your preferences. If you need, you can flip a coin or roll a die or something. Whatever happens, you’ll get a good yoyo.

That’s why I said I :smiley:

But honestly, those two yoyos are very different in terms of shape. Look at the shape. Which one do you like better? If you want a lighter yoyo, pick the 888x, if you want one that plays heavier, choose the genesis.

A lot of people like both yoyos. Both are insanely popular with yoyoers. You cannot go wrong with either one. Even though I don’t like Genesis, I could do all tricks fine on it, it’s just that I’m not as comfortable with it. Like… playing a volleyball game at another school’s gym. You’ll do fine, but you won’t prefer it was much. Either way, either yoyo will work, and will help you develop into a better yoyoer.