888x or genesis?

Im looking to buy a new yyf yoyo and i can’t decide to buy an 888x or a genesis. I heard that both yoyos are very good but idk which one to pick. I like to do technical style 1a tricks so which of the two would be better for those types of tricks? Thanks

888x is undersized and its pretty fun to play with. It has hubstacks and all and its meant for 1A, Not 5A because it is too small. But it is possible to play 5A with it. My friends 888x Vibes a bit after a few months ( May be just him ) It is pretty awesome but I dont quite like it

Genesis is Full sized, Its Stable, And its got amazing colours to choose from. Its meant for 5A because of the shape and all But it plays great for 1A. I played with my friends and its just … Really Fun to play with it. ( I’d Suggest This )

BUT. With that much money, Just add Ten bucks and http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/183/SPYY-PRO

You get a SPYY Pro.
Awesome stuff.

Actually I’d get a Genesis. Genesis is solid nice yoyo and is great all over everywhere. Also Severe.

888x is now a bit too…yah know…wouldn’t be my first choice.

thanks guys. I know a site where i can get a genesis for 75 bucks so i think ill do that. or maybe ill wait till ohio states contest and buy one there (big sales:) )

Go for the 888x. Its a really awesome throw. Trust me.