new yoyo

I like the reviews of the 888x and the genesis but just can’t decide

Well first of all, welcome to Yoyo expert! (I see it’s your first post) Second of all, I’ve never tried the genesis but the 888x is a great yoyo. Very smooth, comfortable, vibeless–just all around a good yoyo. I would definitely recommend it.

I really would choose the genesis over the 888x only because of the shape. The 888x just seems to chunky. And the Genesis is more open and easier to land tricks on.

Do you like big or small? That will sway my vote.

Well, if size is not a factor here then I’d suggest the Genesis+ over the 888x because it is ridiculously more stable and produces far more spin time.

It depends solely on your preferences. If you prefer big yoyos, get the Genesis. If you prefer undersized ones, get the 888x.

also do you care much for hubstacks if not then get a genesis without them if u do then i would get a genesis plus hubstacks

personally i like smaller yoyos so i would get 888x. but the genesis is a great choice because you can buy it w/ or w/ out hubstacks. the 888x has hubstacks which i like but some people dont. you can go wrong with either choice.

yukki spencer i guess had a similar problem so he made the yuuksta which combies feature of the genesis and the 888x. the yuuksta is my favorite throw