I need a quick answer of which one i should get. please reply fast

(Mitch) #2

They are both amazing yoyos… What do you want? Small and round or Huge and H-Shaped?

(laxdude99) #3

I prefer the hubstacked genesis


I also prefer genesis.
But, if your hands are small, you may have trouble catching the hubstacks on a larger yoyo, so the 888x might be the right choice.


He really needs to answer these questions.


best of both worlds: yuuksta :slight_smile:

(Ariq) #7

Judging by these two yoyos he choose, i think he wants hubstacks. And don’t came here saying hubstacks are pointless and you will get bored of it after awhile and blahblahblah. Respect his choice.


Really. Just give us your preferences, and we can decide what will be best for you.