YYf Genesis plus hubstacks?

how does the genesis plus hubstacks compare to the genesis.

i know it’s 5 grams heavier, does that affect the play at all?

how does it compare to the recrev sharp?

also, how does the genesis plus hubstacks compare to the:

44 plus hubstacks,
or the 888x?

which is the best and why.
which is the best for me?

i like undersized, but i’d like to maybe try a fullsize for my one with stacks.
is that a good plan?
i’d maybe also like to try something a little heavier but i;m not sure.


My advice… get something without stacks… trust me i wanted them soo much to then u get them and do it like 20 times and your bored id suggest getting a DNA just because i loved them but i think you should get a yoyo like the supernova or catalyst… personally i try 2 stray from yyf because i have enough as is

try 2 get a code1 or 54 im sure youd like it

avalanche or sasquatch would be good

also landon from 3yo3 makes some good throws

I would recommend the 888x. Based on your favorite yoyo, you like the DV888, which is undersized. The 888x is the only undersized throw on that list. However, I would recommend the Boss, which is basically a stackless version of the 888x. Hubstacks usually cause the yoyo to vibe more, so if you are not really interested in doing tricks with hubstacks, just get the Boss.

the boss actually plays very different from the 888x .