Genesis Plus(Has Hubstacks), Yuuksta, or 888?

I am looking into buy a new yo-yo, and I am really interested in 3 certain yo-yos.

-YoYoFactory Genesis Plus (Just like the Genesis, but with hubstacks)
-YoYoFactory Yuuksta
-YoYoFactory 888 (Also with hubstacks)

Out of all 3, which do you say would be the best of them? I never tried a hub stacked yo-yo, so It would be pretty interesting if I got hubstacks. I also playing 1A, so I focus on string tricks, which yo-yo would be fast but without any vibe.

Any help would be appreciated!

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NOTE: You should never buy a yoyo just because of hubstacks.
Anyways, a Yuuksta is a great yoyo, it’s just one of those that are very outstanding in performance, escpeically for the price.
But because of the preference you’ve said, 888x fits you most. Spins long, floaty, and just because you never tried stacks, 888x has them. But, I am sure you’ll get fed up of stacks sooner or later.

Do you like undersized or fullsized because yuuksta and 888 is undersized. but if you like full sized buy the genesis

I would pick the yuuksta, for its stability and size.
Or 888 if you really want the hubstacks.

Or get a PGM to try hubstacks before you make the big decision.

I love my genesis plus it is a beast and plays better than the yuuksta imo

if u get a genesis and when u get bored of the stacks just take umm off and put on some nubs then it will be a regular genesis but for my pick i say yuuksta cuz is basically a mini genesis and it pplays like one and its only 65 bucks

That is a very stupid statement. What if the guy wants stacks? You know, stacks have there place. There is a place for the, and a place where they are not needed. Nubs are inexpensive, so that isn’t a problem. Hubstacks are useful, and I am getting fed up with you saying, “Hubstacks are useless”. And you recommended the 888x, and if I am not mistaken, has hubs on it. Think before you open your mouth sometimes kid

Agreed. He tends to ramble about things that he has no idea about and parrot information from other posts without first-hand knowledge. It’s obvious he just likes to post a lot, either to increase his post count or to seem knowledgeable when he’s really not. It’s really annoying.

To the OP: I’d go with the Genesis. It’s a great yo-yo for 1A and 5A, and you can remove the stacks if you get tired of them and still have a fantastic yo-yo. You really can’t go wrong with it.

Well thanks to everyone here that helped me! I actually went with the Yuuksta! I found I didn’t know any tricks with the Hubstacks, and Money is sort of an issue right now so I went with the Yuuksta!