i have no yyfs. i would like an introduction to hub stacks. which hub stack yoyo is best? i care nothing about the price. i’ve been thinking about 888, skyline, and grind machine.

well i dont have any yyfs either and planning on getting one.But my friend has an eight8eightx(888x) and i have tried it. It plays very smooth and has great spin times on hubstacks.

I say get 888x though i have never tried the others. Or the grind machine if you want to save money.

Another good option excluding the list you have is the G5 2010 edition. It also quite good because it has Z-stacks which is better than hubstacks.(though disadvantage is that it blocks you so you cant do thumb grinds). It is also good because you can change it from z stacks to hubstacks. Cheaper price than 888x.

P.S- under my opinion i wouldn’t go for hubstacks yoyo just for the hubstacks.(unless you got enough money) If your still learning tricks then those yoyos are not really recommend for you because they can sometimes interfere you from doing thumb grinds as i mention above. BUT if your doing freestyle i will recommend it for more fancy style of playing.

This information might not be very accurate… because it is still just opinions

well if you just it want it for the hubs then you can get a 44 special, stacked genesis, 888x, superstar, skyline, or a grind machine (you can nod a lot of yoyos to take hub stacks too). but if you want it more than just for the hubs, then tell us your preferences

First of all, Z-Stacks aren’t any better than hubstacks. Z-Stacks get more annoying than hubstacks because they are bigger, so they spin the opposite way the yoyo is spinning, so they are more annoying when you are actually a good yoyoer with smooth combos and stuff. I find hubstacks betetr in my preferences. And there is no best yoyo, or hubstacked yoyo. It is preferences. The Skyline is H-Shaped and undersized, while the 888x is still undersized, but has more of a roundish shape, and the DNA is just a regular sized 888x. SO you have to tell us what YOU like. :wink:

thank you for your advice. i’m really only learning expert and master tricks. i can do and whut, white buddha, and working on ladder escape. i absolutely enjoy h shape. this is why i like the ilyy fury that i got. Anyway, i would just like an intro to hub stacks. that doesn’t mean i would like them on just any yoyo. Where is best to get an 888x? Are they on yye?

Yes, YYE sells the YYF 888x

if you like the H shape, then why not a stacked genesis or a superstar??

The 888x is out of your list bud. You keep mentioning it when you keep saying you would love an H-Shape, and that’s not what the 888x has. It has more of a roundish shape, so I think you should get a Superstar, or stacked Genesis as the person above me recommended. :wink:

Agreeing with x52, it is your own preference. Seriously, any good ball bearing yoyos can be used to learn master tricks and freestyle. Just what you prefer. Go for what shape you want. the sizes,etc. No matter what yoyo you buy out of the yoyos listed by us. They are all very good. :-X

People can do master tricks with a protostar, and its only plastic. So whateva yoyo you get, it will play VERY good.

Yeh i agree, hubstacks are better than z-stacks :slight_smile: but own preferance!

So choose the yoyo you like best and what fits you.

x52 as i said this my opinion, people like z-stacks than hubstacks but some dont. Though changed my mind now XD

If you are looking for a Hubstacked Yoyo, Probably the Best ones are:
-Hubstacked Genesis
-2010 G5

Or any other yoyo with hubstacks…Just depends on your preferences.

ok thanks it’s just that people add an x at the end of 888 and i thought that 888x was a newer version of the 888 or something. my half year yoyo video comes out today. look for it. i think i’ll get a superstar or stacked genesis. :slight_smile:

Yup. There’s the 07 888, 08 888, 09 888, then 888x. X is 10 in roman numerals…

Let’s not forget the 888w. A slightly lighter version of the '07 888.

And 888 Classic, the '07 888 remake.

We were just talking about how the 2010 G5 uses Z-Stacks, so you will have to buy hubstacks alone.