Hubstacked yoyos


I was wondering what are some recommended hubstacked yoyos. I wanted a G5 but I found out they’ve been discontinued… So what do you guys think is a good one? Under $100 please or if one is over that but is really recommended let me know and I’ll check it out. Thanks guys.(:


I have both a 888 and a skyline and I much prefer the 888. The skyline is very very fast and unstable, where the 888 is fast but stable compared to the skyline.


A lot of Werrds are hubstack compatible, though I’m not sure which models.
This would be a good alternative to yyf.


Madhouse Epic… no other way to go, this is the best hubstacked yoyo.


YYF Superstar would be my pick of the hubstacked throws. The G5’s may no longer be in production but there are quite a few stores that have some in stock.


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Take a word of advice, many yoyos don’t play as well with hubstacks in. ESPECIALLY 888x’s.


just listen to this guy


None of them… But if you do, the genesis+ is my favorite so far.

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The DNA is a really great learning jojo, and it has hubstacks.


Really? Do you know any stores that have them in stock?





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I have a superstar and 888x … they are about the same price … so I say superstar

they have them in stock here … check it out


Total agreement. However, the stacks can be quite noisy. Doesn’t matter, still good.

And it is over $100. And yes it is worth the extra.

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Best option. Get a OD side effect yoyo. They have rotating side members for when you want hub stacks. Then switch out to other side effects if you don’t want the stacks.

OD also is a better quality and hold their value better than the YYF. IMO




Yes, but keep in mind that unless things are changing at OD, don’t expect to see the rotating side members coming back out on the market. At this point they are rather rare and I’ve only seen 1 set come up for sale on BST in the 17 months I’ve been throwing. That’s not just this forum, but other forums as well. While a good option, it’s probably not a good way to go.

I have a few other stacked yoyos. The first being the Madhouse Epic. The PGM, for $30, is really loads of fun. The Werrd 4XL is a “jimmy hat” TFL version(Jimmy hat is what Werrd calls their stacks). The YYF Superstar is pretty good. I also have a Mutant DNA B-grade which is also stacked. Duncan has the MoMentuM, which comes with the Z-type stacks installed, and black short stacks in the package. Magic Yoyo has the T9, T10 and N9 has stacked yoyos, coming in both the typical stacks or the z-type stacks, mine are the Z-type. I rarely use the stacks on anything, it’s just a nice option to have around just in case. Another budget option is the Audley Photon Spirit, which has over-sized stacks that are functionally “spinning rims” for a different play experience(and hard to snap start!!)

I have also played the Skyline and me personally, I did not care for it. It’s all a matter of preferences.

Also, ignore the people saying “you’ll get bored with stacks after 30 minutes”. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. For me, as I said before, it’s nice to have options in the collection.


This would be a better option if it wasn’t impossible to find the RSMs.