Hub Stacks - Which Yo-yo is Best?

I’m looking for a good Yo-yo that comes with or can have hub stacks and i’d like your opinion on which one would be best to get, it would really help. Thanks!

I am not saying dont buy hubstack yoyo but just think about this: Dont buy a yoyo with stacks just because it has stacks, after a week you will probably get bored of the stacks. Choose a yoyo that you like the shape. I bought a g5 for the stacks, and when I got bored of the stacks I didn`t really like the yoyo very much.

The yoyos you can buy with stacks are:

Stacked Genesis
44 Special
Plastic Grind Machine v2.

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If you only want stacks, get a PGM.

Looking for Help/Recommendation Section would be a GREAT place to ask this question, no doubt if you don’t move it there, one of the mods will. It is kind of a problem we are having here on the forums. If you have no idea how to move a topic: Scroll to the bottom of the topic’s page and click “move” then select “Looking for Help/Recommendation”. I don’t like stacks, though the only yoyo I have ever owned with stacks was an 888x, which is a great yoyo but does not fit my preference. Another thought is, instead of stacks, you could get spiked metals and play matador :smiley:

you forgot superstar and skyline and a few werrds, but those are jimmyhats, not stacks. also, aoda has a yoyo with stacks

I got a hubstacked genesis and it’s amazing soooooo smooth

an 888x and g5 are also classics and very good