hub stacked yoyo help

i wanna get a yoyo that has hub stacks but i still would have to earn money for the yoyo
and is a stack fhz good?

I wouldn’t recommend getting a yo-yo only for the hubstacks. They aren’t worth it.

Well, It is a stacked FHZ.

The hubs don’t effect play at all, only might cause a wobble. If you modded it I think it’ll play like a FHZ… Only with hubstacks.

Not worth it, IMO.

hub stacks allow different style of tricks though and im not getting a stacked yoyo for the stacks
im also getting for play like a normal yoyo but hubstacks introduce a different style

If you want a great yoyo with stacks,then the PGM sounds good for you.FH0 are ok,but you could mess up the mod,a stacked PGM will be a great safe choice. :wink:

True,but it isn’t that bed,you will still use the yoyo,not just for stacks,a PGM isn’t too expensive either

If you want to get another yo-yo, look for a good yo-yo that suits you well. If it has stacks, great. If it doesn’t, great. You’ll end up not using your stacks much anyways.

Exactly what I was going to say.

I mean, what trick do you use the for? You just kinda mess with them. I mean are they fun? Yea, but are they worth buying a yo-yo for? No.

Honestly, I only used my stacks the first day I got my Skyline. It was my first time using hubstacks, so sure, it was fun. But after that, I’ve barely even used them.

True,but if he wants to get a yioyo for stacks,and maybe not specificly for stacks,its his choice.

Since I got a B-Grade 888, it had no stacks, and honestly, I don’t even want them on it. I could go but them for 5 dollars but I never use them, only supply a small amount of entertainment.

OFFTOPIC: It’s only us three posting.

Last I checked for stacks and specifically for stacks is the same thing. We’re just trying to help him make a better choice. If he doesn’t want to listen to us, whatever, but we’re trying to help.

I know we want to help,but you can’t make him spend money,or not spend money on a yoyo thathe may not want or wants,just saying.

As I just said, if he doesn’t want to listen to us, whatever. We are not making him do anything. We are just giving him some advice.

Yeah, I just repeated exactly what I just said earlier.

Don’t get me wrong,I was expressing my feelings,but lets get back on topic now.

You’re the one getting me wrong.

I’ll just repeat my point. It’s the best advice you’ll get in this thread.

I never disagreed with you,I know stacks dont matter that much.

Okay, I’m moving this to PMs.

I can agree with wanting stacks… My next upgrade will be a YYF metal and I want the stacks. But Look at this

There was a thread about FHZ mods,2591.msg28023/boardseen.html#new and you can buy stuff to make a FHZ sweet

Opaque Freehand Zero by Duncan
Freehand Zero Hubstack Upgrade kit
Thumb Grind Weight Rings for the FHZ
Size A Dorothy Bearing by YYF
Total: $51.97

That wouldn’t be bad…
but the yoyo and the stacks would be like $32 +s/h. a New stacked PGM is 29.99 +s/h…So I’d go with the PGM… its cheaper and you dont have to worry about screwing up the mod

good luck!

Get a YYJ with Synergy Caps so you don’t waste your money! There. :slight_smile:

I agree with what Kim-Lan has been saying. You really don’t use stacks much after the first day (or for showing off to friends for the first 2 minutes) so getting a yoyo just for the stacks wouldn’t really be worth it. If you want to try them out you could go to a contest and I’m sure somebody would be willing to let you try one.
I also have to say that I have an L3 and as far as I can tell it’s actually much smoother/no wobble with the stacks on but as far as I know that doesn’t happen with very many yoyos so I’m suggesting that you don’t get another yoyo just because it has stacks and that you should try them out at a contest or if one of your friends has one wtih them.