Hub stacks on yo-yos that don't already have it

I was wondering if there were any yo-yos out there that don’t come with hub stacks but can be added on to the yo-yo. I was specifically thinking about the YYF JK, but I don’t know if a hub stack can be put on. Also, do hub stacks need bearings to work? Can the bearings be removed if they do need bearings? Does the size of the bearing determine anything about the hub stacks? I have a few questions about yo-yos that don’t come in stock with hub stacks, and I would be pleased to be informed. :slight_smile:

hubstacks do have bearings in them. i don’t think you could hubstack a jk but you would have to ask a modder. yes you can take out the bearings in them.about the size idk but i dont think so i think they only have bearing size A to fit hubstacks

Stacking a JK would likely cost more than the yoyo itself. I’d just get a yoyo that already has them, that way you know that they’ll work well.

It’s probably cheaper and easier to just get a yoyo designed for hubstacks AND comes with it.

Check out the parts for YYF. They have complete hubstack kits, which inlude the stacks and the bearings that go with them. They DO need bearings, as the stack has to spin on something.

I have a PGM coming in soon that will address my “need” to have a hubstacked yoyo. To me, it just makes sense to buy something already pre-made with what I’m looking for in mind. I’m not saying saying “go run out and get a PGM”, because there are plenty of other models that have hubstacks as well. I also hear that many people claim to get bored fast after getting hubstacks. “ooh, I can grab the side, OK, that was fun, what’s the point?”

My purpose is to have at least once hubstacked yoyo for demonstration purposes, for showing some simple hubstack stuff and for others to see and try.

Just because there is a raised center “post” in the middle of the yoyo’s outside doesn’t mean its there for hubstacks. It’s usually there for weight and to support the axle.

Save yourself the grief and go with a hubstack model. One of those “right tool for the job” things.

synergy caps are sold out most everywhere. I did see one guy selling them on here though.

and that only works if you can feed the axle out the side. with a JK, there’s a little metal nub thing over the axle so it would require some reshaping.

That said, you can stack anything. Chris Rice even stacked a DNS (do not stack)
but as others have said, it’s probably not worth doing it with a JK. although people have done it to cheaper. Like I think someone stacked a One within a week of it being released.

The weered 4xl can bes stacked, all you need is the hubstack kit.

I have a hub stacked OD 54, but it has major vibe!

thats why RSMs are better :stuck_out_tongue:

Werrds can be hubstacked easily
and the DV888 as well

Auldey L3.

By the time you buy the parts and expend the effort, you’re better off buying one that comes w/them. At least you are somewhat sure it plays as expected. A PGM is probably a good bet.

Werrds are made to accept hubstacks. Even though the title is “Hubstacks on yoyos that don’t already have them”, I took it as “Hubstacks on yoyos that weren’t designed for them”

you can stack most duncan yoyos. i saw a video on youtube. just search how to hubstack a duncan yoyo and it shows you how. you just need to buy the stacks and get a long screw and thats it.

Envy 64 stacked :slight_smile:

That’s my thought as well. Time has a value, and it can be expressed as a monetary amount. After all the effort to acquire the parts and whatever money you have to part with to get it, it just doesn’t seem worth the effort to me. I also agree that if the throw was meant to be hubstacked, they would say so on the package or in the product description.

Of course, anything where you can screw THROUGH the center hub has a potential. For me, it’s not worth the effort.

I got a PGM just for the purpose of having a hubstacked throw. For my needs, it’s more than sufficient. Rather fun too.

Y-factors can be stacked. As can OG Projects, and actually much of the 1 drop line pretty much.

If you would want to do so is the issue though.


Doable with most duncan plastic. But not with their metals. Think about Raptor

Auldey stack has different bearing size than YYF stack, even though they have same bearing with Oring system. You can’t slap a YYF stack to auldeys and vice versa.

Like everyone said, I would not hubstack a yoyo that wasn’t made for stacks. It adds too much weight. Center weight.

it’s much heavier but still playable, at least in 5A, in 1A I used the non hubstacked DV888