Recommend a Hubstacked Yoyo

Well my dad said he would buy me a throw for my birthday and I realized I’ve wanted a hubstacked yoyo for a while now and I just got a Majesty so why not ?
Well so far I’ve kinda decided that I want either a G5, a Skyline or an 888 so which one ould you reccomend for overall play with hubstacks on?

Out of those three I’d definitely go for the Skyline.

But I (and many others) find stacks to be more of gimmick, something you normally get over and ignore after a few weeks. If you really want a yoyo with stacks I’d recommend you save most of your cash and get something from a Chinese brand such as Magic YoYo, Speedteam, EX-5, Auldey or Aoda.

All of them, 888 DEAD SMOOTH, Skyline a little small, and g5 very thin shape. if your going for your first Hubstack get a PGM

Just curious, why only yoyofactory yoyos? There are other stacked throws, or can be stacked, for better prices with better playable qualities, with or without stacks. Like the werrd 4xl for example. Its 70 dollars, and stacking it makes it 90…it plays a lot better than all the yyf I have played, but that’s my opinion based on my preferences.

I dont think we wants to mod one. He WANTS BRAND NAME YYF HUBSTACKS ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

But hubstacks suck, are useless, and are annoying

Some 4XLs come stock with T-stack thingies though.


You’d be better off picking up a yoyo without hubstacks. Pretty much anyone who buys a throw with hubstacks ends up taking them off pretty quickly.

They can be a fun gimmick, but I don’t think I would spend $100 on a gimmick.

Madhouse epic 'nuff said

Be sure to consider the size of your hands and what you want to accomplish with the hubstacks. Using a full size yoyo you may not be able to grab them mid flight because your fingers can’t reach. I have them on one throw and all I use them for is starting the yoyo.

jimmy hats :wink: made of delrin. Amazing.
I don’t use hub stacks, but if I had to pick a stacked throw… DNA. Its just a big 888 is all. Actually, pm me if you feel like buying or trading for mine :wink:

I prefer spikes lol, they look cooler. But anyway, you can’t go wrong with either 3 of those yoyos, just take a look and decide which one you like the best.

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What are hubstacks for? Sorry, I’ve never played with a hubstacked yoyo, and I’ve heard a lot about them, and I’ve been wondering for a while.

They are small plastic pieces with bearings on the side of the yoyo that can spin freely, allowing you to grab the yoyo while it’s spinning. They are part of the axle.

This. Except it’s not always part of the axle, for example on the g5, it’s part of the body.


I agree. They don’t affect play but still work fine for matador play.

All advance players hate hubstacks. I love them! If you think there a gimmick then get a PGM.

Some 5a players use them but they can be useful in 1a. It all depends on how you use them.

I think it depends on style also, hubstacks are good for 5a and 4a!! Anything that make more tricks possible is a plus.