Recommend a Hubstacked Yoyo


I think it depends on style also, hubstacks are good for 5a and 4a!! Anything that make more tricks possible is a plus.
did you just say…4A?

Ok if you get the 888you can make it a beater and the skyline sucks so out of all of your choices get the g5 I never played with it but I have use a 888 and own one and the skyline I have played with but it sucks so get the g5

did you just say…4A?
Synergy Caps on an Aquarius. I’m getting some for my Aquarius soon. And to the OP, what about a Hubstacked Genesis? I’ve heard that it plays just as well as the unstacked version. Plus it’s blasted, unlike the regular Genesis. By the way, the G5 is no longer in production, so you would have to search the BST.

Actually I wouldn’t I found a site where they have all the colors still in stock

did you just say…4A?
Yes stacked 4a is awesome turbofly by aero-yo, viper flux by henrys, Aquarius with synergy caps, and hayabusa modded. Look up insult to revenge on YouTube shows off some 4a stacked tricks. I’m gonna post some once I gain motivation.

I would probably recommend the skyline. But hub stacks are kind of a gimmick. They get old after a while and just make extra noise. Just my two cents.

I’m sick of people telling others not to get hubstacks because they’re “gimmicky” and “get old fast”. Let the person who wants them decide if they like them or not.
I’ve never thrown a skyline, but the 888 and g5 are both good yoyos. I would go with a g5 personally, because I like oversized. but you can’t go wrong with either.
Been throwing for about 2 years now, and I can still find enjoyment in stacks. My first metal was a g5, and I’ve bought plenty of yoyos with stacks since. I’ve never had a problem with noise (even from my epic. yes, it shrieks, but it’s not unbearable)

Bottom line, if you want them, get them. I personally wouldn’t get a pgm, because aside from it being a cheap intro to stacks, it’s not the best playing yoyo. iirc, feels a bit like a rock on a string. better off getting something more expensive like an 888 or g5, because even if you don’t like the stacks, you still have a dang good yoyo.

I remember a while back there was another thread about hubstacks, and somebody linked a Steve Brown 5a freestyle where he used the hubstacks in pretty cool ways.



I love my epic! What dynikus said, in a nutshell. Its not a gimmick. It can add flavor to any style. I liked my Aquarius with the synergy caps. Mg epic has little vibe with its tatas in. Usually people overreact to any vibe they can see. The cool thing is that the vibe is easily fixed in an epic…pinwheel it twice, the vibe goes away due to physics. I liked stacks…I don’t like the new yyf as much. My first metal stacked was the werrd 4xl groove. Best throw Imo by old werrd.

For YYF Gen+ 888 or Skyline.

4a ??? Of course Mr. Yoyoguy uses Z-Stacks on his PGM to his 4a advantage :).

Like I said, 4A with stacks are awesome! Helps with horizontal a lot!

may i remind you that Yuuki Spencer extensively used stacks in his WORLD WINNING freestyle?

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