i need a hubatacked yoyo

hi, i want to buy an undersized hubstacked metal yoyo. the colour doesn’t matter. have any ideas?

I think YoyoFactory would be the direction to go in.

Get a YoYoFactory SkyLine. That should fit your request. :slight_smile:

An 888x could work. It could be found for cheap on the bst.

Oh man, Skylines are beautiful playing Yo-Yo’s. Either that, or the 888.11. Super duper AMAZING.

get a G5. its yoyofactorys premium hubstack yoyo. i mena really the yoyo is built to show off yoyofactorys different styles of hubstacks from z-stacks to top tips.

One or two of the brands we aren’t allowed to talk about might actually suit this need better, mostly due to price.

I played the Skyline. It’s not a bad yoyo by any stretch, but the biggest concern I had was it didn’t play like it’s price. Does that make sense? I just felt that for the money, the performance didn’t seem to match. I’m not saying or suggesting it is a bad yoyo. For my preferences, I did not care for it.

Most stacked yoyos tend to be more in the upper mid to full sized. I do have some YYF’s that I’d like to get and 3 of those utilize stacks.

I’d check BST for the best place to start looking. But DO familiarize yourself with the specs first so you know what you want, or can know how you should respond to offers.

I think it depends like, lets say one of those companies has a yoyo that isn’t a knockoff and has stacks? Cuz… I have one and it’s still one of the best yoyos I’ve ever used.

I’d get a minty 888x from the BST if you just want to give stacks a shot. Even though it’s less popular than other 888’s, it’s a bargain on the used market and still quite a good throw.

The question of “who is making the knock-off, who has the original, who has the license, who is in violation of the license” is a major issue. The truth is a matter of who is saying it, and since “the other companies” aren’t chiming in, it’s hard to defend them.

But, that aside, some of the yoyos by those other companies are pretty decent. For people not ready to shell out full pop to try stacks, this is an amazing option. For a non-stacked example, the Aoda Miracle is very affordable and was a much more reasonable option for me to get a super-wide yoyo.

However, as far as stacks have gone, I’ve been “legit” for now. PGM, Momentum(nice D-bearing yoyo with Z-type stacks) and a 4XL. I’ve also got my sights on a YYF SuperStar and a couple of other stacked yoyos, also YYF’s.

I agree, skylines play very nice.

Its true!
Id get a dv888 and a pgm and send it to someone who can stack the dv888 with the pgm.

I would go with the Skyline Or the 888x, more so the skyline. It is pretty stable and is just an awesome all around player. Mine is very very smooth as well. And hubstacks were pretty cool when I first got my hubstacked 888 so I hope you enjoy them!

a cheap hubstack yoyo would be the grind machine. and i have the new cheaper version dv888, and i tried using the grind machine axle and hubstack, and i ruined the axle, it doesnt go through. a good hubstack yoyo would be the yyf superstar and get some z-stacks. it comes with extra response axle and string, its also a 2012 version, and the g5’s bigger brother!

the superstar is by no means the G5’s bigger brother. Personally I believe the G5 could out play the superstar any day. I’ll admit the superstar is fantastic but the G5 I think is one step ahead.

well, you need to mod the DV888. you cant just put the axle through the ends.
For undersized throws, the only two yyf hubstacked yo-yos are 888s and skylines. GM is also a good bet if you are looking for cheep. personally i prefer the skyline to the 888x, but i never have used any other 888s. remember though, hubstacks are not super revolutionary changing the way you play for ever. to me, it is just a gimmick that everyone tries at one point.

Look at the superstar it has a nice shape and should fit your needs

In what way is a superstar undersized?

I agree with the skyline, g5, or superstar but If you want somethings really low priced get a magicyoyo n9. ebay, It comes with z stacks and awesome splashes. mine plays like just like a $90 with the stacks off. I got it in a trade with no stacks. Incredible yoyo.