new yoyo

i getting a new yoyo. i want it to have hubstacks. my price range is 125. They size color(expect pink) shape doesnt matter weight doesnt matter, expect if its less than 60 grams. so if you got any ideas tell me.

It’s all preference.

You may like the 888, because you own a Dv888, both are undersized. They have classics and 09’s to chose from.

Superstars are also great, but they are pretty large. Don’t let the size fool you, they can play fast! The Superstar is also amazing!

The last one here is the G5, it is thinner and won’t play as fast as the Superstar (it can, but it feels sluggish), but it is just as stable!

As always, all the yyf’s are smooth.

From here, you just have to pick the one you thinks fits how you play best.

k2j warning line

Manufacturer K2J
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 64.80
Width (mm) 38.02
Diameter (mm) 51.01
Gap Width (mm) 4.42
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System K2J Silcone Pad
i would recomend this yoyo.
it is 70$
then since you want hubstacks you could also get a pgm for 30$ and some strings
best yoyo i have

by the way i only can buy form yoyoexpert


Your choices from your preferences are-

  1. 888: Undersized, Rounded
  2. DNA: Normal-Sized 888
  3. Superstar: Normal Sized, Angular
  4. G5: Normal Sized, Angular

Other choices below your budget but are great yo-yo’s: BOSS, Genesis, dv888

yoyofactory Skyline (only on yoyonation)
It’s an amazing yoyo, I got mine about a month ago and I still can’t put it down.
It plays amazingly, and is good for just about any type of tricks.

Skyline or G5. Nuff said.

Those are some options. If you look around at other yoyos, you might find something else. There won’t be a bad pick.

Also, you don’t have to have stacks. Look for the yoyo first. If you happen to find you want something and it has stacks, great for you.

I’ve had a Superstar for a while now and I still love it. I can’t compare it to some of the other yoyo’s people have listed because I don’t have or want any of them at the moment.

Superstar positives:

*normal sized (i don’t know why people insist that it’s big)
*h-shape (nice thin edge to catch one string while avoiding a close by string)
*giant string gap (it can take more string layers than you could ever use for a trick without slow down)
*long sleeping on an average throw (i never did combos until i got this yo)

Superstar negative:

*sometimes doesn’t bind well due to giant gap (when it binds, it’s always a good bind; it’s just that sometimes when I’m not super careful the bind doesn’t catch. your binds have to be on point.)

So you basically just want any hubstacked yoyo?

Get a PGM.

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