Which Hub Stack is best?

i’m going to be purchasing a yoyo with hubs for my next yoyo in the future. i have noticed that alot of the YYF Hub yoyos look alike and are alike in price. i want to know what the main differences are in them? do i basically with which i like the looks of?

models such as:

  • 44 Special
  • 8Eight8
  • Superstar
  • Skyline

Any one of those hubstack yoyos will do the trick, because you dont need hubstacks that sleep for 10 minutes you only need it two sleep for like 2 at the very most. So just choose the yoyo you like best.

888 is undersized and has a rounded shape.
Superstar is a rounded H-shape I think. Full Sized.
44 specail, never tried it :frowning:
Skyline is a slower superstar with a more rounded shape, and a bit smaller IMO.

i just looked at all the stats. the Superstar fits almost the same profile as my Dark Magic.

the H shape though… is it a positive or a negative?? undersized yoyos are completely out for me… i have big hands… the dark magic feels undersized to me.

Did you say that a skyline is slower than a superstar? haha It’s actually faster.
almost 5 grams lighter and smaller. That would usually make a yoyo much faster.


i was also looking at the Duncan MoMentum originally… i like the way it looks and i like the colors and the large hubcaps… anything negative about it?

The response stickers don’t last as long as regular silicone, but that’s the only “problem” with it. Any of those choices will be great though.

Superstar is almost nothing like the Dark Magic except in size.

H-Shapes are neither better nor worse. Just different.

If you just want to try hubstacks, you talk to somebody that lives in Canada that might have something with hubstacks. Also, you could just buy a PGM. You can also get something already mentioned in this topic like you were looking at. The choice is yours.

I played one and it seemed to not want to go fast :confused: musta just been me. Thanks Icky for correction me.

If you want hubstacks mainly for some hubstack tricks then I recommend getting one of those yo-yos and then buy the Z-Stacks. The Superstar will fit your big hands.

do those throw the yoyo off balance or anything? will it affect anything like sleep time or the feel of the yoyo? or do they just make it easier to catch?

well to me z stacks are very loud and they dont fit on my skyline only my superstar

they dont really throw the yoyo off balance but they do make a bit of noise and do slow down the sleep time by a little bit but there great fun
and if ur lookin a PGM there awesome

Be careful with the Z Stacks though, because on certain yoyos, even if they fit they may have some unwanted side effects - terrible vibe and wobble. I haven’t experienced it (with Z stacks anyway) on any of my yoyos, but I’ve heard that specifically PGMs and Z Stacks don’t mix. Honestly if you really want Z stacks, the G5 would be your best choice because they fit a bit concave in the hub of a Superstar which will make it harder to catch. On a G5 they sit almost perfectly flush and easily catchable.

BUT my recommendation for anyone who just wants stacks for the sake of stacks - PGM all the way. Especially since they’re only $10 more than a set of hubstacks themselves.