I was thinking about getting a hub-stacked yo-yo.

I have never gotten one before. I like yo-yo’s that are heavy-ish , maybe around the weight of a Northstar or a little heavier. I was thinking about getting a Superstar, Genesis, or something else.

Any suggestions?

Thank you guys in advance,


I’m really not into hubstacks. My skill level isn’t that great yet. By that, I mean it does take me a LONG time to get down new tricks. I have a PGM for a hubstacked example and was given a Duncan Momentum(which has Z-stacks). A friend I throw with on the weekends likes stacks. Pull starts sure are fun, as well as the ability to change the orientation of the yoyo if you can grab the stacks and then holding the stacked yoyo on your thumb or finger as it spins.

I played my friend’s SuperStar, which he had set up with a Crucial Grooved bearing and Rice Stacks. The yoyo was very very smooth and played really nice. I didn’t take advantage of the stacks for play options so I just played it for regular 1A stuff and it was very smooth, pretty much non-existant vibe and felt really good in the hand. It’s not a great grinder, but it’s not a smooth as glass surface so it will allow for grinds, but I’m not sure about IRG’s. For what you pay for it, it easily feels like the cost could be higher, say $120 or so. So, as a result, I’ve been adding some hubstacked yoyos to my list of yoyos I am interested in.

My only tip is that the bigger the stack, the easier it is to catch but at the same time, the vibe COULD increase. Larger stacks, such as Z-Stacks, are MUCH easier to grab and catch.

Also, ignore the people who say you get bored with Stacks after say, 30 minutes. While it’s worth listening to, each individual is unique and your experience might vary from that of others. I see lots of potential in stacks, but it’s just not something I’m into yet. It’s nice to have options.

It’s hard to say where to begin. The Superstar at around $100 has the basic stacks, which of course can be upgraded. The G5 features G-Stacks and is at $90, so $10 less gives you bigger stacks, but I haven’t played it. The Genesis + is also right around $100 and is stacked as well. I have those 3 YYF’s on my list of stuff I am interested in.

If you’re not sure about hubstacks, the PGM is really the only choice. Yes, it’s plastic, but it’s fun too. It’s meant to do darn near anything, but for being a “grind machine”, I don’t see how you can do IRG’s. But other than that, yeah, a fun, affordable yoyo.

Of course, there are many other options. YYF kinda has the exclusive on stacks

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I have used my friends Pgm and 888, I really like them.

Who know’s what I’ll get.

Thanks Studio42. You are the best!

You’re welcome.

And thank you. I try when I can.

I gotta see if I can control myself. That Superstar is looking tempting!

There is the Mad House Epic also. My top pick for hubstacked throws.

DV888, 888, 888x, 888.11, Grind Machine, Genesis Hubstack Edition, prettyy much all. Any I’m missing? Cheapest good ones are probable Grind Machine & DV888. . .

Hope this helps!

You have to do a mod to the dv888 though…

Yeah, modding a DV888 is a bit hard, I almost broke mine. . . but it plays good when it is modded. . .

hubstacks will get boring in my opinion.

the epic is my favourite stacked yoyo. It plays amazing well. It’s really light, and a bit floaty. and if you take the stacks off, then it feels like you’re not throwing anything (if you’ve ever thrown a pacquiao, it’s similar)
the only problem I have with it - It’s loud as sin
your deaf neighbors 5 doors down will be yelling at you to keep it down.

Another great choice is a g5, or an 888. personally I prefer h shaped and oversized, so I’m biased toward the g5. It was also my first highend metal, so more bias there.

Or the option I would most recommend, get a werrd throw that has stack posts. They’re fantastic yoyos, and play well both stacked and not stacked. You mentioned you prefer heavier throws, and there’s still a johnny 5 split d available. you’d have to buy the stacks and bearings too, but I think it’s worth it.

the cheapest option, pgm. solid player, good weight, and a great introduction to stacks.