Best Hubstacked YoYo?

Hey guys, I thinkin about getting a new yoyo. I want a Yoyo with Hubstacks or is hubstack compatible. So i was wondering what some of the best hubstacked yoyos are for around $100 or less.


The YYF premiums.


Discontinued much?

There is no “best” yoyo. It is all preferance. A ton of peoplen LOVE the 888. But I hate it with all my guts. What I like you might not like. And same for others. So telling preferance is usless. You can give us your preferance so we can find a yoyo that you might like. Just give us info on what you prefer in a yoyo like: weight, small, medium, oversized, small or large bearing ect. But there isn’t a cruddy yoyos out there by YYF. Just yoyos that you might not prefer. So if I were you, I would just go for something that I think is cool, and fits the specs I am looking for. I doubt you would be disapointed in what you get. And if by some chance you get a yoyo you don’t like that much you can allways trade it for a yoyo you do like. Hope this helps! :wink:

(This is in the wrong section of the forum. This needs to be in the yoyo recomendation section of the forums. ;))

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Is there a way you can take hubstacks off a yoyo? Is that what nubs are for?

Not trying to thread jack just wondering.

Yep, you just take pliers to the hubstacks and pull. And then put the nubs on. :wink:

                                                        James Reed!
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Yes, you can remove the hubstacks. However, the posts for them are machined into metal yo-yos. The nubs are designed to cover the stack posts to make the yo-yo look better.

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Sweet, Thanks!

Stacks are kinda lame. Too much gimmick for something you’ll mess with for barely 30 minutes.

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I wouldn’t get a yoyo for the stacks. I would choose a yoyo with stacks that you like so once you get bored of them, the yoyo is still loved.

If you seriously just want the stacks, I would go PGM.

You could try the MagicYoYo n9, its only 15 and is metal. Also, magicyoyo can now legally use hubstacks because they got permission from YYF. You could also get a DV888 and turn that into a hustacked yoyo for and extra $20.

How do you do that?

My favorite is the Genesis. Andre Boulay gave the stacked Catalyst a great review. I’m going to get one of those soon. I can’t wait to try it. Also, the stacks give my Superstar a nice feel too. Take a close look at those three.

Werrd Pacquiao is a great yoyo with or without the stacks. Just be aware that its appeal is that it’s small and incredibly light. Nutty (but unique and wonderful) light.

I’m one of those who loves the 888.

Stacks… yeah, they’re kinda gimicky. But you can get higher RPMs out of a pull-start on stacks than from your throw. So there’s that “practical” application that people forget about. Also, yuggles love that gimmicky aspect. Pull start, turn horizontal, whip to a tornado and then let it bind!


I consider myself a Hubstack aficionado, and my personal favorites are the 888, the Stacked Catalyst and now I finally picked up a DNA. I’ve always loved the 888, but I find myself reaching for the Cat more and more - I love the black blasted finish with lime green stacks.

If you want to go cheaper, there’s the YYF Hubstack (or Hubstack Afterglow), Plastic Grind Machine or the MagicYoYo K3 which I feel is the best cheap metal hubstacked yo-yo.

I’m really hoping that YYF put out something with stacks along the same lines as the Horizon, Shutter, Too HOT etc - a budget metal with stacks from YYF would be killer!

this is from 2010 you guys, I think he chose already


this is from 2010 you guys, I think he chose