Best Hubstacked YoYo?

Haha! Whoops.

“Did anybody notice?” I think answers itself, though. Nobody would intentionally answer a question from 2010.

Stacked Catalyst because it is the last run of the catalyst so u may as well get it

You can put a hubstackish side effect on any one drop yoyo.
My opinions, hubstacks are a novel idem
If you want something that adds extra function to your yoyos I would personally reccomend getting something with hub spikes for matador play, or a cupped out IR for fingerspins.
But if you really want to try hubstacks I would get a cheap “other than YYF” with hubstacks, just to make sure you like them before dropping over $100

Werrd Pacquiao has spiked posts for hubstacks. The best of both worlds! Haha!

You will never get the RPMs out of a matador pull-start that you can get out of a hubstack, though.

Wow I never realized it could receive hubstacks!
But 49 grams? Wow, it would feel like trying to do string tricks with a balloon lol.

Most of the auldey bt6 lineup accept their special hubstack addon
And these include the auldeyxorbis, auldeyxpositron etc

Yup yup, and that’s what makes it rad!

GregP- really? higher RPM’s on a pull start? I am not doubting you having no statistics on it, but it also seems logically improbable. IMO and expriance.

Chimera- I had the idea of recessed stacks on the shutter like the magic K9. It has the perfect shape. But I shot the idea to YYF and got the simple reply “YUCK” haha

Even if I throw a hard breakaway, I would have no extreme fear of binding right away if I needed to (“whoops, that was supposed to be a front throw” or whatever). I would have to be careful, but I wouldn’t be afraid.

If I pull start with a vengeance on my 888 or Pacquiao, I cannot bind immediately. It would be a manoever in utter stupidity. That yoyo is SPINNING when you’ve done a hard pull start. I couldn’t eloquently explain it, but I’m positive the physics back me up. You can FEEL that you can get to the end of the string with a good pull start faster than you can with a throw.

On the other hand, I’ve seen people with throws that make me go “Sweet mother of all that is holy,” so it’s possible that the phenomenon is localized to me and people like me who don’t seem to have “scary-hard” throws.