If you do like using hubstacks… please state what yoyo you have that uses them. :smiley:

I used a grind machine for the first time last night and it was fun. I want to do that stack mod for the hayabusa so I don’t have to throw it if the ceiling is too low

I love hubstacks :slight_smile:

I see no real reason why people would hate them, other than those who love matadors instead. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s occasionally annoying to when thumb grinding, but it’s easy take them off.

BTW, I use it with the 888 :slight_smile:

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They’re ok unless you can catch them easily. 888.

I love my 888x because in mid-play you can grab it, change the plane of the yoyo and balance it so on so forth. Some stuff I was trying to make up requires hubstacks. plus it adds a bit of customization to the throw I mean think of the colors of ricestacks, combo that with string colors, you can get a different feel out of your throws (aesthetically speaking)

They’re alright. I use them in my Skyline, but only for weight.

I had them off my 888x B-Grade for awhile, but I put them back on because it looked really tacky. Once someone restocks nubs I’ll buy some, and put them on there. I want my PGm’s hubstacks off because my brothers PGM v1 plays so good without stacks and now I want them off mine, but I can’t seem to get them off even with pliers. I have them on my pink 888x, and I want to keep them on there. Don’t know why. I have to admit though that hubstacks get boring after 10 minutes.

they’re fun but don’t servve much purpose.
My 888x and Skyline

they are wayy too over rated id be plenty happy if non e of my yoyos had no hubstacks on them because they get in the way more than anything else

I like them… Well I like the idea of them more then I actually like them… See what I’m sayin?
They’re are a really cool concept and can let you do some amazing things if you know how to use them properly. But to me, they are mostly a novelty.

And I have them on my PGM and my Stealth 888 that I’m getting in two weeks ;D

I like them for fun.
Learning some hubstack based trick, and hubstack do cool.
So they are alright for me.

I use them on my xxx, g5, and L3.

Do hubstacks affect any thing in your play? I’m just wondering… because I was going to get either an 888x or skyline but should I not get those because they have hubstacks? This sounds like a pretty redundant question, but I was just curious… :smiley:

They add about 2 grams, and get boring after a day or so.

How is that redundant…

Most people keep hubstacks on their Skylines because they are very light without them, so if you get a Skyline, you’re most likely going to want to keep them on. However, with an 888x, you can go both ways.

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Thanks Samad…(off topic): hey isn’t the 888x smaller than the skyline because I want to buy an undersized yoyo… ???

They are the same size. And IMO the Skyline is a much better yo-yo than the 888.

Can you please explain why and please tell me if you own both… because I’m trying to see which one will last me longer… ???

The shapes are different. skyline - Hshape, 888- Rounded

I like hubstacks, but dont personally own a yoyo that has them. I always like playing with my friend’s GM that has them.