Hubstacks anyone?


Hi all,

What are the yoyos with hub stacks? Its really difficult to find them. I’ve been using with my Scout for a little while, and I want to change with something more fun. What do you recommend? Also, any thoughts on the 888x?


P.S. Unresponsive and preferably metal thanks.


Hubstacks are kind of a gimmick. They’re fun for the first few minutes but you’ll eventually get bored with them. I’ve never played an 888x but it’s pretty outdated now compared to some newer designs. I have the catalyst with hubstacks and it’s a really fun throw. I prefer the stacks off and it’s really agile and comfortable to hold because of it being blasted and the butterfly shape.


the 888x was considered a legend back in the day. Now of course it’s comparable, to a lot of stuff, but it was legendary for a reason. It’s quite nice. I don’t know if stacks are the must have item of any yoyo, but if you just gotta have stacks it’s not bad. A hub stacked genesis is also pretty awesome.


MYY K1 has hubstacks that work very well. Cheap price for K1 is nice since I personally don’t want to spend much money on gimmicky things. I think its a pretty fun yoyo too


I agree the myy k1 has good stacks, especially for the price. Personally I like them better then the ones I’ve used from yoyo factory. The stacks of the k1 are more cupped so your fingers will rest on the stacks better.