Are Hubstacks Equipable With DV888 2011 version?

Just wanted to make sure.


You can hubstack any yoyo. It’s just a matter of if you can send it to somebody who can do it for you. It is a lot of work and in most cases isn’t really worth it.

I’m not modding it… Just getting a Grind Machine, DV888 will still be in my cart.

Technically you can with the PGM hubstack posts, but it’s really not worth it.

i tend to take hubstacks off, of course thats just preference… i find most yoyos play better without them

Yea… and they’re too loud.

I would personally not do it for the fact that all the work you put into it will probably be wasted because literally after a day hubstacks get old.

my freinds messed up his dv888 when he tried and it affects your yoyo it makes it tilt more

That depends. Hubstacks, with the right mindset, can, IMO, open up a new range of tricks. I personally keep a pair of green rice stacks on my G5 at all times :slight_smile: