dv888 hubstacks......

Im kinda a intermediate player, and was thnking about buying a dv and hubstackin it. I read plenty of posts on how u do it, but can someone tell me where I can get those parts?? Help!!!

You can get all the parts on YYE. I’m not sure exactly what it takes… look in the “Accessories” section and you should find it… but honestly… i would just buy a hubstacked yoyo if you want one. making a dv888 hubstacked can be a fun mod but it can make the yoyo less stable/more wobbly among adding other problems. I prefer non-hubstacked yoyo’s personally, i find them kind of ridiculous and find the tricks limited. Still it’s up to you.

If you want cheap and stacks, get a PGM, or a Magic T9, T10 or N9.

Otherwise, just get the dv888. It’s really nice all on its own.

I’ve kinda been on a stack-buying mode lately. The Magic T9 and T10, the N9, already have a PGM, the Duncan Momentum(best D-bearing I’ve played in my opinion, but my opinion needs more D-bearing yoyos besides that and my Beysick), and looking seriously at the SuperStar, Genesis+ and G5. I’m not saying I’m FOR or AGAINST stacks, but I like the option of having stacked yoyos around in case I should ever want to experiment with that style of play.

kk…i wuz lookin for sumthin which could match the performance of sumthin like a dv888 for under $60 which can be hubtacked so yaaa.

Is a nova hubstackible cus it loox good!

it is a risky mod, and if u screw up, you have just lost that amazing yoyo :-\

I took an Allen wrench and screwed it through until the whole thing becomes threaded and put gm stacks on it.

Maybe try to using a tapping die next time just to be safe. A tapping die will probably set you back about maybe 10% of the cost of your yoyo. Much better than 100% of your yoyo

k… so I got my dv 2day and trying to make the final call. Order pgm? The dv axle fell out by itself, and if a get a pgm I am definitely gonna hubstack it. Does any1 know a modder who can do it for me cus if I mess up…

I’m pretty sure you can get the grind machine with stacks already on it:

Neon Collection Version (more colours) here:

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How did the axle “fall out”. If something has had the threading stripped you may have worse problems than not being able to pull start your DV888.

He meant that he’s going to get a stacked Grind Machine and then take the hubstacks, posts, axle, etc. out of the Grind Machine and put it on his DV888.

Oh, sorry. My mistake…

Soo does anybody know a modder?

i personally dont mod my yoyos. i think its too risky, mainly because when i tried to mod my maverick, i failed miserabely and boke the axle and rubber pads. the dv888 is an amazing yoyo and shouldnt be risked. if you must mod buy a grind machine like what hoghead said (includes hubstacks, $20, c bearing $10, and axle $5. and even if u take out the hubstacks. its still a working yoyo.) try sending it to eric wolffe

buying the parts and the dv888 is expensive! about 80 already. plus you have to pay the modder and extra shipping! you might as well buy a G5 or 888 at that price! too late now though…

It is an expensive venture and I feel like the results would be marginal. I might try modding my own (if I wanted such a thing) but between cost of both throws even used, fifty bucks or so and shipping 5 each way. I have done my own repairs when needed but it’s risky working on someone else’s stuff.