Grind machine hubstacks complete set

Where can I get the complete hubstacks set with axel without buying a grind machine

Based on your description, when you buy a Grindmachine, you get the axle and the hubstacks.

Otherwise, check for all that stuff and more.

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Your dv888 will play better without them. :wink:

But how do u know I’m using a dv888

I think he knew you wanted it for your dv888 because it says you like the dv888 right under your name and most people want pgm axels when they are trying to hubstack dv888s. If it is for your dv888 be careful, you have a good chance of completly stripping the yoyo out. But to answer your question you might be able to find one on the bst but you will most likely have a hard time finding one.

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I did the mod from a PGM a friend gave me (for that purpose actually)

it makes the DV888 MUCH heavier so be prepared for that

You cannot buy the actual hubstack posts from the PGM by themselves. The best way will be to just buy the PGM; that gives you the stacks, posts, axle, o-rings, and bearings.

Oh ok thanks