yyf axles

well i wanted to try to hubstack my m1 or dv888 and i heard i needed a axle off my pgm. I just checked out the shop and latest items and found this. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/197/YYF-Axles is this new? cause its pretty awesome. Can the gm axle fit in my dv888 and put hubs?

Even if you buy one of those all you have is a setscrew. You still need the hubstack posts.

you will need to modify the body of your DV888 to add stacks but I know that “patrickcondon” did it and did an incredible job. If you have the tools he could give you advice and if not he could do it for you. You will need the whole guts of a PGM to do so though.

It’s pretty easy to do but it can give a vibe :stuck_out_tongue: