Can you hub stack a dv888?????

Hey guys i was wondering if you can use a yyf pgm hub stacks on a yyf dv888??

This question has been asked SO many times before. Try the search button.

Or, to summarize all the information, no, the PGM and FHZ stack nuts will not work well on a Dv888.

But it is possible to hubstack a DV888, it just takes a good deal of time & experiance.

get ur pgm stacks and axle then screw it in

a guy in the yyn forum did it and i did it to mine but sold it and it lookes awsome ;D
this is from the dude in yyn
ima ask my freind if i can take picks of the one i sold to him

I iz jealous

how did you do it? please post it! :o

You will need

  1. Pgm stack posts
  2. Hubstack kit
  3. Pgm sized axle
  4. Tool to remove axles(pliers, alen key,etc.)

First, remove the axle of your Dv888, if you’re using pliers put some tape or an elastic too prevent the axle from striping.

Then screw the Pgm sized axle so that it comes out of the sides of the Dv888 allowing for the hubstack posts to be screwed on.

Screw on the hubstack posts.

Place the bearings from the kit on to the posts, then stack, then the o-ring.

Congrats, you now have a hubstack Dv888.

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Agree with this guide.

Haha i was one of the people who asked this questions. Yes it is possible and it doesnt even take much time. If u want Pm for a request Video. Just for u! lol But im serious ill make a dv888 hubstack mod for u.

And like what he said ^^^^^ thats already a good tutorial for you.

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