who wants to hubstack my dv888?

I’m not sure whether this should go here or in the BST. But who would stack my dv888 for me? And how much would it cost? I’m not sure I want to pay for this now but sometime maybe.

you can do it yourself if you have both the Dv and a PGM. search it, im sure youll find a few things.

I thought of that but you cant because there are no hubstack posts.

  1. remove the axel of the dv888 and its components ( bearing axel you know)
  2. insert PGM axel and bearing. make sure the axel sticks out on both sides evenly.
  3. screw on hubstack posts from pgm onto the axel hanging onut on each end.
  4. assemble hubstack parts on the posts.
  5. go play and have fun.

Isn’t the post built into the pgm?

nope its metal fitted into the plastic that once you take the axel out they will usually just fall out or you can pull them out if there being s little stubborn.

@The yoyoist

The bearing does nothing, trying to remove it will only mess up the pgm’s spacers.

well its not that important but i think it would make this a little more clear. its optional.

But they have the same bearing.

i didnt say swap the bearing i ment take the PGM bearing out so its easier to see the axel and to get a better grip on it. you dont need to switch the bearings.

Ohhh, i`m stupid.

its ok its all going to be ok.

Oh, OK… :wink: