Hub Stack Question


What would I need to buy to hub stack my new dv888? Just the kit? I was online and saw a video and it said I needed a long axle or something? Please help! Want to buy it tomorrow so i need some answers! Thanks!


Need a long axle and the weird post things from a psg, also bearings, o rings, and the actual plastic hubstack

I hubstacked my DV888 for a while and it was to heavy, i dont recomend it


You need a dv888(done), a stacked Plastic Grind Machine(for donor parts) and then you’re good to go, if I understand properly.

You can buy the longer axle, but then you’d need to buy the stacks, rings and bearings, and then you need the posts. The hard part is getting the posts, and that’s why it ends up being cheaper to get the PGM for parts.


So should i get them or not?


Hubs tacking a dv888 is cool, but gets old fast. If you really want to, go for it, but you’ll have to butcher a pgm,


My opinion?

No. Ain’t worth the hassle. If you want to go have fun with stacks, just get the PGM for the PGM and stacks. That’s why I got it.

Then again, I like to keep my stuff as stock as possible. I don’t consider things like silicone for response and bearing changes to be real mods or takes away from being stock.


It’s too much of a pain to open back up.