hubstack a DV888?

Is there a way to hubstack a DV888? I already have the hubstacks,bearings,and o-rings but I don’t know how to.

You need a special axle for the hubstacks. It is escpeically longer.

also, you need a post on the yoyo, time to send it out to a modder

Pm’ed with link to materials you need. :slight_smile:

I have a grind machine that has a hubstack posts.

Ok. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you should be able to hubstack it with the materials you have. I think you screw the longer axle into the hubstack truck when it is on the dv888, and the posts should have the hubstacks equipped.

Could u show me a pic of a hubstack truck?

I pm’ed newbies united.

Make sure the axle on the PGM and the Dv888 are the same or else you’ll screw up the axle hole.

They’re not the same. They’re not supposed to be…That’s the point of having to use the PGM axle on the DV888. It’s longer so the hubstack posts have something to connect to rather then how it stays flush with the regular DV888 axle

I know. But if the axle on them are different, how does it fit? It’ll just thread the axle.

does anyone know how to take the axle off the DV888?

These people need help…

The axle is supposed to thread my friend.


Yoyofactory axles are all the same threads per inch it will fit just find.

To get the axels out of the respective yoyos you must lightly assist it out with pliers.

thx. I can’t do it right now so I’ll ask my dad when he gets home.

Oh, sorry. When I say “thread”, I meant strip. But anyways, since he said it, it doesn’t strip cause axle size are the same.

alright thx. I can’t wait till I’m done!!

It sounds to me that you should either abandon this or send it to somebody who know what they are doing as far as the mod you want to do. Otherwise I can see a couple of days down the road the will be a new topic here: Help, I just screwed up my DV888.

personally, i think so to. but, i will see what goes on before i say "DIS WILL FAILZ AND RUINZ YO Dv888 FOO!