can you put hustacks on a dv888?

so can you?

Probably, you got a lathe?

dude use the search button i see like 8 of these a month

yea if you know how to
this guy (i don’t know his name) he hubstacked his protostar


rather than tear your yoyo apart with a lathe do a little research into seeing if you can just put an axel that accepts hubstacks or is made to have hubstacks (888 axel most likely) by sending an email to yoyofactory about it.

^you can send them a message with the question on that page and i’m sure they’d be happy to tell you what you would need to do to have hubstacks on your dv888

888 axle are regular size they have metal post to put hubstacks on.
But you can use an PGM axle/hubstacks
I have no idea how to do it i would ask Jamesofyoyo because he did it too
or send it to a modder like ricerocket, or Icthus

^^^ Yep! You screw in a 888 axle and then even it out till there is an equal amount of axle on both sides. Then you get PGM guts, and screw on the little nut thingy, and then put the stacks on, and enjoy! So easy even a caveman Jamesofyoyo can do it. 8)

Warning This mod may cause vibe, constipation, explosive diareah, gas, death, and comma. :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, but it can cause vibe. Don’t blame me if you scew up the yoyo or it causes vibe. There is your blunt warning.

~James Reed!