Is there a axle for a DV888?

i want to put Z-stacks on it but i need a axle. i will buy one if there is a axle or ill just buy a G5

To put hubstacks on a Dv888 you will need the axle and hubstack posts from a PGM. If you buy a PGM just to put hubstacks on a different yo-yo you might as well just keep the stacks on the PGM. Z-Stacks may not work very well on a Dv888 anyway. I know for a fact that they cause absurd amounts of vibe on the PGM and I would assume that a a much smaller yo-yo like the Dv888 would have a similar fate.

G5’s are probably the best hub stacked yoyo for hubstack tricks that is. If it is an option get the G5.