Dv888 can you stack?

I was going to get a 888x but decided it was too expensive and decided to get a DV888. but i still want to have hub stacks. can i stack the DV888?

sorry you would have to do some crazy MODDING for that. :frowning:

MOD EDIT: Please don’t use language that has to be censored.

yes you can

it is just very hard and you need to have good modding skills
and if you want stacks maybe a pgm

No, you can’t. Not hubstackable. Only yoyos hubstackable are the ones that come with them. Except the C13. You have to buy hubstacks separately.

Not technically true. You can stack a M1 and a Dingo and I’m pretty sure you could stack a Hectic (Or really any yoyo with holes on the sides that you can put a long axle through… If your crazy enough :smiley: )

Do you know this as fact X52? You seem to tell people things that aren’t true sometimes. I know you mean well. Problem is Yes you can. You can stack any yoyo on the market. Even a DNS.

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come on icthus, you know that kyle named the DNS to discourage stacking.

and yeah, of course you can, I’ve seen people stacking a DV888 using PGM post and longer bolt.
the problem is, it’s not simple, and has some risk.

and for people that still thinking of stacking is not possible, please browse for more info before telling people such information.


Heh. Kyle’s gonna rag on me for that one. lol

I had a stacked dv888 that my fiend worked on, an even with a lathe and tons of practice, he still messed up, so I wouldn’t suggest doing it yourself unless you have the proper tools and a very steady hand :wink:

He seems to have that problem

I think it is really easy. I did so to my Hectic in about 10 min. All you need is PGM guts, and an 888 sized axle. I will not explain how to do so as I don’t want to be blamed if something shall go wrong. :-X

Oh yeah, wrong section. :wink:

~James Reed!

I thought he meant that you could just snap on hubstacks. But you can hubstack almost any yoyo with time and skill. They just won’t work as well as yoyos that are actually made to be hubstacked.

I like how that just gets thrown in there. lol

alright you can but it shouldn’t be done and you can screw up a perfectly good yoyo and stacks are dumb so my point is just don’t do it