DV888 + Hubs = ?

can u add any hubstack like thing to a DV888? i am getting one and i would like to attach hubs to my first all metal yoyo but if nothing fits than i can just attach it to my speeder or XconVict.


Without super mega ultra leet modding skills, you won’t be able to add stacks to any of those yoyos. I’m not sure if you can get synergy caps that will fit the Speeder or X-ConVict. Stacks are fun at first, but after a while you don’t use them as much. If you really want to try some stacks, get a PGM from somewhere. It’s a good yoyo, and it has stacks to mess around with.

Also, the question about the DV888 stacks has been asked before. Please search next time. Thanks.

ok then, i’m pretty sure that i have never even seen a real modified yoyo before so that is a no. i can get synergy caps that will fit the speeder though.

A good modder will be able to hubstack a Dv888 I guess. But there’s a chance that it might result in vibe.

Ya, you should be able to get Synergy Caps that fit the Speeder…

Size 1 will fit your X-ConVict
Size 3 will fit your Speeder

k i am going to get the synergy caps for the speeder because i have trouble getting the caps out of the xconvict and the bearing is broken on it. but as for mods, couldn’t you just super glue an axle of some sort on the sides of any yoyo and then put some thing like a bearing on that? that doesn’t seem too hard. i wont try it for the dv888 though. if i try it ill use some old yoyo i hardly ever use any more like my flying squirrel.

i know somebody who did it and it has dice stacks :stuck_out_tongue: but they said it was hard no vibe

See, its good in theory but it would be supa-mega-crazy-obnoxiously-ridunkulously tough to get the two axles dead center on the hub… So it would make stack play awkward and probably vibe-a-fy the yoyo…

Save up and get a metal w/ stacks… I use mine all the time

or Synergy caps
or the MoMentuM
or a Werrd yoyo w/ jimmy hats
ect, ect