Planning to buy a Dv888... Questions!!!

Well im planning to buy the Dv888 as my first metal yoyo… Also i watch in youtube a hubstacked Dv888. i was wondering if the i plan to put a hubstack to the dv888… will i need to do some modifications like drilling or something or just buy some spare parts like… A longer axle… if i do need a longer axle what size?? Pls comment even if u dont have a Dv888… share ur thoughts… it will be helpful
Thanks ;D ;D

also i have a pgm… can that help

Umm… next time use the modify button instead of double posting. :slight_smile:

Oh and… Why do you need a hubstacked DV888? It will require some serious modding… So yeah…

Looking for a first metal? Look at the Hspin Icon.

Or if you have some money… buy a Y-Factor.

Sorry for the double post. But what kind of serious modding… Can u pls give a little bit of details ;D

I have a Dv888. It is amazing for a first metal. And you can hubstack them with your pgm vivo no serious modding required just switch the pgm guts with the Dv888 guts…

Really? That’s cool!

Does it vibe or anything though?

  1. Great first metal choice. It was mine too.
  2. I would not put hubstacks on the Dv888. It plays great the way it is. It gives it major vibe, and it requires alot of time and work to get it hubstacked. If you do it wrong you’ll screw up the entire yoyo to where it is barely playable. If you want a hubstacked yoyo so bad, just get an 888x. The money to mod it isn’t really worth it. Hubstacks, just not my thing. It plays really really good stock.
  3. Hubstacks are no fun after 10 minutes. Trust me.

My 2 cents.

My Dv888 will come soon and i will post a video. Ill try to modd it with a video cam also show u guys if theres vibes. i talk to people and they said that it can work as long as u do the thing very carefully and very accurate.

Good luck to me

can you elaborate on why he will need a drill press? The pgm has the same axle as the dv888.

even if you manage to stack your dv888 it will be way off balance and have tons of vibe. it would be better just to by a G5 ($90) or an actual 888 ($120). the reason they made the dv888 was as a cheaper alternative to the 888 and a hubstackless 888 to make it a safe haven for people who dont like hubstacks and like stable.

um it doesnt put it off balance and have tons of vibe. one of the guys above did it, and yoyodumpster227 on youtube did it and showed it had no vibe or off balance, just need to tune it correctly

yes but it is impractical. the time and effort + the cost of bearings, hubstacks, highgrade glue, shipping, etc. makes it more practical to just buy an 888x. but if hes crazy about the dv888s shape vs. the 888x shape, then he should go for it. but it wont be as precise and could result in a waste of $50

Ok, I hubstacked My Dv888 for under 20 bucks, All I did was get a longer Axel, and a FHZ hubstack kit and there you go a vibe free Stacked Dv888 ;D !! And an 888x is $100 not a $120, and the Dv888 is not a cheaper alternitave to an 888, The origanal Dv8 was by Buzzon but the couldn’t produce them because of a patent, So YYF teamed up with Buzzon and made an all metal Dv8, the Called it the Dv888 because they are famous for the 888, thats why the gave it the name Dv888 :o

Once again people don’t read the posts. If you would have you would notice that he already has what he needs. You would also notice that he likes the shape of the dv888 and also likes stacks. If he wanted an 888x then he would have bought one. You people really need to read and quit putting down other people’s wishes. Also where is this $50 coming from? who says it won’t be precise? How would you know unless you have tried it? Where will this vibe come from? Why is it impractical? I mean It take a total of 15 minutes to do the mod. so time and effort is out. Why would you need any glue?

This is for everyone. If you have no idea of what you are talking about other than what someone else said then don’t say it. It may be horribly wrong. We need to try and speak from experience.

P.S. He did contact me about it after he posted this thread. Wanted to make sure it would work.

Yah how is this impractical. Really?? People did some of the mods like this and they said it was quite easy. U just have to have the time and effort. Plus i already have what i need for this project to continue. Guts of my PGM. So yah.

Thats what I meant, A FHZ stack Kit is the same as the PGM guts. But, Good Luck with The Stacking, and I hope you love it ;D

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Thanks Man

Hey guys im modding the dv888 and my longer axle wont fit through the hole of the dv888. what to do??