How to hubstack a YYF Dv888

How do I hubstack my dv888 avant garde1,2 protostar di-base speeder2?

YYE should make you a “junkim100’s Many Questions Subforum.”

Anyways, trust me. You don’t want to do this. It’s not easy and it’s not worth it.

You send it to kyo and give him $10000 to do it

It’s really better and more cost effective to buy a ready made hubstacked yoyo. Particularly if you have to ask how to do it.

Dv888 is possible , buy some post stick them in the side and add the hubstacks, it’s on YouTube. I would give you the link but I can’t on iPod app :(.

How do i put hubstacks on a YYF dv888?

You don’t.

Hubstacks are useless, and get old after 10 minutes. It requires serious work done by a modder, such as Landon Balk. You’re better off just buying an 888.

But seriously. Hubstacks are cool for 10 minutes. Then they’re stupid.

Alright cool i just wondered thanks for the help.

Hubstacks are fun, but not worth extra effort. In a FS setting, you can use them for flair sometimes, but again, not worth extra effort.

Great way to wreck a nice metal throw. You would have to tap the sides so that it doesn’t go off-center. This is best done by an experienced modder on a lathe.

I’m just saying you CAN
Put hubstacks on. (YouTube :P)

Does no one check this anymore?!!!  I wrote a guide a while ago

Nah, no one ever looks at all that useless stuff.  :wink: