hubstacked dv888: a good idea?

i have a dv888 with a konkave ceramic bearing. I saw a video on youtube that tells how to hubstack the dv888. i want to do this but, will this slow down the spin of my yoyo or perfmance in any way? and what axle and hubstack kit should i use? :-\

I did it to mine a while ago but it made it too heavy for me but thats just me. It didn’t vibe at all after wards either so go ahead you can undo it if you don’t like it. I used a pgm axle for mine.

what hubstacks do u use? does it matter? and like i know it’ll be heavy, but do hubstacks slow down the spin and how long it sleeps?

I didn’t notice any change in spin time. Stacks let you grab the side of the yoyo and do newish tricks. In my opinion they are gimicky and get boring quickly.

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I recently hubstacked a starlite and it had the worst vibe ever. Just something to consider. You might get some vibe

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I hubstacked my DV888 using a PGM axle and stacks
dv888stacked par hadoq, sur Flickr

My friend did it and it made It way to vivry so unless you can deal with that i wouldnt recomend it

This is becoming such a popular option(hubstacking yoyos that aren’t comiing hubstacked) that it would be nice if there was a COMPLETE kit that included the posts, There’s some that include the bearings, stacks and o-rings for retaining the bearings, but nothing to cover adding the posts except to cannibalize a PGM. I would bet people would pay a bit more to have a complete kit and then simply not use the parts they don’t need.

Right now I’m not interesting in hubstacking anything, but that’s not to say down the line I might change my mind or buy a stacked yoyo and want to make changes.