yyf yoyo choice.

pretty self explainetory.if you have anothe yoyo you’d recomend beyond the others please post it.i’m looking for a new yoyo $50-$100.i like all shapes,sizes,colors,and i like hubstacks.weight:over 64g.thx.yo-bear

I like the chaotic best. I like the unique shape, and the designs on it.

If you like the G5’s just for the stacks, don’t. THey get boring after 10 minutes.

WHichever yo you choose, you will be happy.

THese are all excellent throws!

PS:!:!:!: You spelled severe wrong

i have an 888x so iknow hubstacks get boring.sorry about the spelling leme fix that.

Why are people consistently limiting themselves to YYF? Look at other brands too.

why do people shoot down threads instead of just aswering them.:frowning: i loooove yoyo factory.it has better variety than most other companies,plus i can afford them.

The Bully is over 64 grams. I would actually suggest something if you gave some information on what you like. That really helps narrow it down so you get a yoyo you would actually like.

i like undersized and oversized,so size doesnt matter.gap must be over 4mm wide.i like H shaped yoyos.weight:over 64g.any color will do.umm…i like hubstacks but the dont have to have them.has to have good rim weight so it’ll be stable and long spining.

Stable and long spinning describes nearly every yoyo made these days.

If you like small and large and want just one yoyo, you’ll have to pick one so we can know what would be good.

i like large.i’m thinking about getting the G5.i’m going to make a new topic.

This past weekend it was grind machine 2. They got my 2nd in the X Division at the Southern California yoyo contest.

soooo true, i only have yoyo factory and they r very cheap

SuperStar, too perfect ;D

i love my 888x great for the price not my all time favorite throw though i got to update my favorite yoyo

the recrev i is cheep and it is awesome. don’t know the specks but it is very stable and is my second favorite yoyo, first being 5star. 5star was designed by an aerospace enginere so you know it has to be stable and great weight distribution

Woot! Another 5Star thrower!


P.S Sorry to get off topic :-\

If you get an 888x, change the bearing in it. The bearing it comes with tilts and just isn’t that good. I heard from someone on here that Center Trac bearings a perfect for the 888x.

Where did you hear that SPEC bearings are bad? And how does a bearing tilt?

yeah.the person you hear center-trac bearings were good was from me.the spec bearings(or the one that came with mine)tilt realy bad wich leads to bad spin times(no time for combos and big tricks).then i put a center track(from my counter atack)in there and it made the yoyo stable enough to bust out a few combos.but while playing i noticed that it had no rim weight causing it to have bad spin times.so i straight up just dont like it.plus the hubstacks get noisey.thats why i have now decided on the boss.btw thanks for all the help.yo-bear

So you assume that because you had problems with one SPEC, then they aren’t good bearings? Also