What yoyo factory yoyo should i get?

Should i get a 888x a g5 a skyline or a superstar?

Why limit yourself to YYF? What are your preferences on size, shape, weight, and feel? What is your budget?

I wanted to try a yoyo factory yoyo, only because of stacks. I have a yyj darkmagic 2. What type of company should i try? Im limiting my budget to about 120$. I love the size and shape of 888 and dark magic.

If you want to try stacks, you can either find people around you that have some or get a PGM (Plastic Grind Machine). Could you get one of the metal ones? Sure. However, many people find stacks boring after a while (not saying you will) so getting something cheap is a generally-wiser move.

If you decide to ignore those remarks about getting a PGM, which is fine, then if you like the size and shape of the 888, then go for it. I hope you’re very happy with it. :slight_smile:

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I really like the skyline out of those choices

DM is a large rounded yoyo, while the 888x is a very undersized rounded yoyo. you may like the shape, but the sizes are on the complete oposite end of the spectrum.

i find larger yoyos to be more stable and in turn sleep longer. G5 has a shape that a large amound of people dislike, but it is very very stable.

i also find smaller yoyos faster and can swing through small gaps and is very manuverable. they also tend to be much smoother. i find the 888x to be the smoothest throw out there, though i did feel like the thunk at the end of the string was a little much (opinion) and it did tilt a lot on grinds and other tricks.

skyline: it is basically the fused G5 and 888x. i have yet to own one, but the few that i tried were wonderful. it is very undersized like an 888x, and just as smooth. it is a little more stable than the 888x though and probably my favorite yyf yoyo that i have tried.

never tried a superstar

never tried a super star

stacks are optional… i hardly use them on my pgm,… i say get which ever on strikes you best with color , shape, size, what the hay… get them all!

or try z stacks on the g5

I personally have tried all of those and i have found my favorite to be the superstar. It has all the features i look for in a yoyo, stability, spin time, and fast string play. I really like it and would recommend it to any one. :slight_smile:

genesis with hubstacs

Thanks guys… (:. Probaly down to g5 or 888x. I love the skyline but i really dont feel like spending alot of money… Im 12. 120$ is a lot to me!! Most likely getting the g5, due to it only being 85-90$$. Thank you,

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