yyf g5 or 888x

i want to get one of these yoyos and i cant decide which one is better :smiley:

I have a G5 and 888, though neither one is the current version.
I do not think one is better than the other, they are different though.

I find the G5 is much more solid feeling, more stable. I use mine for hubstack/Gyro Style tricks.

I find my 888 is lighter to the touch and good for fast play.

I do like them both.

(my 2 cents only)



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I’ve played with both of these a bunch. I like the G5. It is a FUN yoyo! 888x is quieter, smaller, a little less stable, but you can move it around a bit quicker. I prefer the G5 because I enjoy catching the yoyo and tossing it around (and I can’t catch those little hubstacks cleanly). But I can see why some people would prefer the 888x.

I love my 888, and I would love to get my hands on a g5… I think the 888 is more popular it’s very smooth and if z stacks are all yer after, you can always put them on the 888 which I did… Some people claim this will make your 888 less stable, not so in my experience… Just noisier

G5 is said to be more stable and longer spinning… And plays a little slower… I don’t have one tho

And I found the search button post a tad rude… Coulda just asked… You can always get a fresh opinion with a new post, there’s nothing wrong with it…

I absolutely despise the G5 in every way. I hate it. 888x is not bad. But the finish is weak. Don’t just limit yourself to hubstacked yoyos or YYF in general. Hubstacks get boring really easily and the G5’s hubstacks are very noisy. Plus there are many other great companies out there. If you only want to get YYF, then I would recommend the Catalyst or the Chaotic. Those are 2 of the few YYF that I would recommend. They play very well.

ive played with both and thee 888 felt a little cheap to me. super undersized. the g5 is full, stable, and with regular or rice stacvks supa smooth.G5 is the best in my opinion. i debated this decision for a long time too.