Better yoyo in all aspects g5 or 888?


Zstacks wise and play wise?!!!


How about the Yoyojam Theory?

Or the 4xl with Z-Stacks?


G5 all the way! I hope it returns! I love the shape, the z stacks are fun, and they are in my opinion equally smooth.


Could you be a little more specific on what model 888 it is? There are quite a few that play a bit differently so it would be a big help. Just for future reference, next time, post these questions in the "looking for help/recommendation section. :slight_smile:


If I had to pull off one of my long combos G5 for sure. Old 888s are fun to play with, though.




I personally prefer the 888. For a small YoYo, it packs a huge punch. The G5, for the size and shape, it’s too slim.


Very slim, and the 888 is much more comfortable. Half the people who say the 888x sucks have never tried it, it is probably 12th on my all times favorites list

The 08 888 is currently one of my fave throws


07 888 is where it’s at! OG baby!


08 is very similar, and i have raven edition flaunt flaunt :stuck_out_tongue:

(M.DeV1) #11

Keeps it stable, less weight focused on the width of the yoyo and more on the rims.


The G5 is better than the 888.


Not at all. When that much weight is focused on the rims on a slim yoyo in a H-Shape, I feel it will start to tilt more during tricks, than say, a Genesis.

(SR) #14

Personally, I say the 888.

G5 is big and somewhat awkwardly angular.
888 is small and round.

Although I prefer bigger yoyos I still say 888. Both are very good though.

(M.DeV1) #15

Only if the string touches the inside walls of the yoyo often.


That applies to all yoyos :stuck_out_tongue: The G5 is just less stable and less forgiving Than the 888.

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what? I have tried and owned both yoyos and got the exact opposite of what you just said. The only thing the 888 has running for it is a comfortable shape.


And a wider gap. And a smaller size, and faster play, and easier for thumb grinds, and better asthetics

(M.DeV1) #19

You’re not helping! :stuck_out_tongue:


As have I, and the G5 had an uncomfortable shape, and an even worse feel on the string. If it was wider and had a more even weight distribution instead of concentrating all of it on the rims I’d like it a lot more.