G5 or 888x?

I have narrowed down my topics to the YYF G5 and the YYF 888x. G5 has colorful Z-stacks and is a great shape. 888x has hubstacks and is very small but also a great shape. Which one?

The G5 has a step down shape. Well, what feel do you like? And since the 888 stacks are so hard to catch. whats the use then? I say G5.

G5 all the way

the g5 shape is awesome but

do u want rounded kinda undersized (888x)

or h shaped full sized with a kinda thin width (g5)

all right I think i’ll get the G5 then. Thanx all you people

u might wanna buy some rice stacks or hubstacks with it so u can change out the z stacks when u dont want to use them

888x any day. G5 is too slow for me. 888 is so good, even better than an MVP!

Dude if it was me I’d go Hub stacked Genesis, but hey I like the Full Sized throws. G5 feels kind of like a skinny Genesis, so I like it, but it feels funny in my very large hands. I have only tried friends 888x’s and can say that if I had the money I would own one of those as well.

I actually agree with Buddy Jim. I’d say Genesis Stacked too.

ya the genesis is extremely smooth and stable … it is probley best than g5 or 888x

if i were u tho i would get mabey a 44 special while they stil are around idk y but i would kill fr that yoyo… to me it is a 888x only 10x better for the same price