what should i get


what should i get the g5 or 888x



What are your preferences?
What shape do you like?


both are amazing.
pick the one you you like more in term of shape and size. you won’t be disappointed.


List your preferences those are totally different yoyos. The g5 full sized and thin and the 888x is undersized and wide.

(SR) #5

List your preferences, it will help both me and you determine what you want. I would choose the 888x.

(Ariq) #6

Hmm, why not Skyline? Best of both worlds


I Would choose 888x but it depends on your preferences


Reminds me of Hannah Montana. LOL


Look at the shape. Are you looking? Good. Now concentrate… which one calls out to you?


i want the G5 cause it has bigger hubbies which means… Bigger chance that you can catch the yoyo while spinning…