which to get

im stuck between 888x G5 or a superstar? which do u prefer

why do you care are you some kind of stalker. all that matters is what you like something i like may not be to your liking. tell us some of your preferences.

Facepalm Way to be a jerk.

Anyways to help you choose better the 888x is smaller than the G5 and Superstar, weighs in between the two, and has a round butterfly shape. The G5 and Superstar are about the same other than that the Superstar has a 1mm bigger gap and the Superstar weighs 4 grams more.

if it was me id get a G5 but that all depends what ur profile if on yoying good luck with ur hunt :wink:

Wrong section bud! But I love superstars, just saying. :smiley:

It’s your preference, but I tried all of those and I like the Superstar the best out of those. Too bad I don’t have one. :’(