G5 or 888x?

Which one to get?
I like the G5 alot for it z-stacks, but cant the 888x do that?
I also like heavy small yoyos like my hectic.

any suggestions?

Well the G5 is pretty angular and not small at all and the 888x is small and has a nice rounded profile. I think you’d be better off with the 888x if you like small throws like your hectic.

Hope this Helps!

I beleive an 888 can use z stacks and the 888 is closer in size to the hectic. but it all comes down to what YOU want


But can anyone confirm that the 888 can use z-stacks?

They can, but I wouldn’t. I usually causes a terrible vibe/wobble on undersized YYF yo-yos.

The 888x is the same design as the 09 888s and are able to use z-stacks with no vibe or wobble.