What yoyos played different than you expected? [worst yoyo title edit]

Just wanted to get the community’s opinion on yoyos that either just dont play like you wanted them to, or just play terribly. Please note which

Most any current yoyo plays just fine and is capable of most any trick. Whether or not they meet individual expectations is really a matter of individual preference.

i guess i should’ve worded things a bit differently. im just looking for throws that played way different than people excpected

Well, I have some yoyos that use A-sized bearings. I just got a CLYW Bassalope that uses the A-sized bearing(I think it’s A-sized), a Beysick and a bunch of Duncans. I prefer to use yoyos that use a C-sized bearing. They just play different.


Yomega Xodus 2. Starburst response, cruddy bearing, rubber rims that make it even more gigantic, oddly shaped and snags on binds. How they charge so much for it, I’ll never know.

Should have necro’d my old post :stuck_out_tongue: For me it is the tour pack 2 yoyo. Hunk a crap if you ask me.

Yomega Dash…I don’t know what I was thinking! Haha

My yuuksta was horrible. Didn’t spin long like I thought it would and it was so unstable if you looked at it wrong it would tilt. I look at it this way…it is a signature throw of Yuuki and he still uses the genesis, so even he doesn’t like it as much as his previous throw. It is like it is just a gimmick throw.

Maybe yoyo is different, but if it’s not something I would want to use as my main yoyo(or maybe ONLY), I wouldn’t want my name on it.

I just wonder how YYF comes up with “what is a signature yoyo”. I mean, Jensen won Worlds 2010 with a Northstar, so I can get that sort of thing, even though he’s clearly moved onto other things.

Exactly, I even searched for yuuki using the yuuksta in a demo or contest and he just dosen’t. I kinda erks me is all. It is like they tried to combine the 888 and genesis and it didn’t quite work, but they put it on the market anyway.

Well, that Yuuksta combination must be working for enough people to continue to produce and sell it. That’s all I can say.

Overall, in my LIMITED experience BUT with an increasing collection, I don’t think there are BAD yoyos(which may not be true), but I just am discovering preferences. Even so, I have a diverse collection to ensure lots of variety and challenge so I round myself out as best as I can.

dv888 and grind machine hated both so much i sold each for 5 dollers

i agree with everyone on the yuuksta, i love any 888 i play with so i thought it would be good just didnt play like i had hoped. but another yoyo i thought would play much better than it did way the spyy pistolerro. i could just never get it to play to my expectations


Great question, but not one Id be interested in answering in this topic. If you want to pose it somewhere else I’d be happy to give you a reply.

The Anti-Yo YWET sucked.

I hated the Protostar. WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY over hyped

none of them.
well, other than the rev g.


Ah, come on, give 'em a break. They just shouldn’t have rushed it to market the way they did. I mean, the hype for it only just started, what, FIVE YEARS AGO? ;D