Please Help Me Choose updated

im looking for a good yoyo. an expensive one

i will get the mighty flea later not in 2010:)

what more expensive yoyo should i get??? i like dna because of its shape hubs and looks and its not that much bigger than DV888 right?
and i like G5 because of its hubs and looks… but i heard its too light:(

and i like BK2 but thats only for sleeping right?

but what about 888? its nice and i like the hubs(as you can probably tell i like hubs because i have never had a yoyo with them:P)
and i like the look of the 888 and shape:)

so what one should i get?
Help me please as i need to make up my mind soon

Get a C22… That should be expensive enough… No seriously look around the forums. When people like you ask, you need to tell us: What shape you like. What size you like. Your price range. Please look before posting…

why should price be a key factor in deciding?! its all about how the yoyo plays not how much it costs.

Well your not going to say get a $100 yoyo when they only have $50 to spend. Although I do get what you mean about not getting the catch 22 just because it’s expensive. Any way can you state your prefances.

None of them. If you have that much trouble deciding, get a Takeshi Modded FHZ. It plays better than my X-con.

888, from your preferences.

the DNA is as big as a new breed so if you have bigger hands you can use the stacks but if you want a smaller yoyo i would go with the 888. I mean if you REALLY want stacks go with it. if you can go without them just get the DV888 because its basicly the same yoyo without stacks.

Well… I put my answers in your post like this

I wouldn’t base your decision off of whether the yoyo has hubs or not. I have a PGM and I rarely use the hubs.

He said in the first sentence that he wanted an expensive yoyo… I was just joking about a C22… Jeebas you people don’t think sometimes.

i have a DV888 and a hitman
right now its looking like an 888 but i dont know what colour to get. i have a blue hitman and violet Dv888. what colour do you think, its not a big deal but i like colour option:)

888 sounds good to me
and by the way, as sson as i read this post i knew he was joking about the C22:P

I really wish people would stop telling people that they shouldn’t buy an expensive yoyo. I mean you wouldn’t want someone telling you that you have to buy an old beat up car for your first would you? Its his money and he can buy the corvette if he wants to.

I think we need to stick to answering the questions instead of telling him/her that they are trying to buy a yoyo they don’t need. Help them buy what they want!

To keep me from hijacking this thread, Buy anything from ILYY, Big Brother, YYF or GeneralYo.

Thanks Itchus, But I think ill just wait for mighty flea in early 2010:)

what do you think of mighty flea???

What do you mean, you people?

I kid.

Anyway, I suggest an 888 or a Dv888. Both are fantastic yoyos, and would be great first metals.

So… I’d go with the blue/violet splash 888 here on the site…

I personaly think its not a yoyo to be considered for serious play… Im sure the tiny gap is snaggy…

If it were me I’d god 888, well… I’d get a SEVERE or BOSS, thats what I’d do