$ yoyo vs $$$$ yoyo


I just bought the dv888. I think that it is amazing. don’t really see how a yoyo could perform that much better. From someone who has a good moderately priced yoyo and a really expensive yoyo, is it really worth paying all that extra cash? What makes it that much better?


Yoyo is a very personalized kind of experience. It sounds like you’ve made a good match for yourself with the dv888. I have a dv888, I just got it. I need to give it a few more hours of evaluation. I can’t say I dislike it, but I can already tell it won’t be one of my favorites, however, it will be used fairly often. It’s a matter of getting used to it. For the size and shape, I like my MarkMont Next better. Oh, it costs around twice as much… go figure?

No, not go figure. Why? Because my favorite is a Dark Magic II, which costs less than the dv888.

But, just to add to the confusion, I play my ONE and WHIP regularly too, and at $10, represents the lower end of the cost specture, only beaten out by my Imperial and Butteryfly, which also see occassional play.

I have lots of other stuff too. Plastics, metals, priced from low to high. Why would I buy inexpensive plastics when I have a bunch of CLYW’s? Because in my views, everything can bring something different to experience, coupled with the fact the ones I have in my sights are very common and popular and it helps me share that experience.

Back to the point here.
With the higher cost yoyos, I expect things like better consistency, better workmanship and overall better everything. However, ultimately, regardless of price, if you just don’t like how a yoyo performs for you, no amount of money spent can justify it not being a good match for you. I always use the microphone comparison. I ran a guy through a bunch of mics, ranging from $89 to $540. For that guy, for live performance, on a room-corrected system and no EQ outside of a high-pass filter, it just turned out the $89 mic was the perfect match. That’s just how it goes sometimes. And just like with yoyo, it’s the player finding the right yoyo that seems to work best for that individual based on his abilities and style. There is no “right”, there’s only what’s right for the individual.

Nobody should question your preferences. If you’re pleased with the dv888, then you know what? Good for you. Why? You found something you’re really enjoying and liking, and that’s what we’re all after.

But, are high end yoyos worth the extra cash? Generally speaking yes. But, then why does CLYW, for example, have SO many designs and they are mostly at the $115 price point? Apparently they also realize that one model does not fit all. But if you spend $115 and dislike it or not a good match for you, then it’s a waste of money. Period. Going back to the microphone example, frankly, that guy in question when using the $540 mic, he just didn’t sound good on it at all, yet James Hetfield of Metallica uses this as his vocal mic of choice. Granted, it’s a fairly high end and fantastic microphone used by top artists, but if he spent money on it, he’d have wasted his money. It’s just funny how a low cost model was the ideal match. Hey, Bono from U2 uses a Shure SM58 capsule on his wireless transmitter. This is one of the Shure “bread and butter” capsules. A wired SM58 costs around $100. For Bono, it’s the ideal match for him, not a $700+ Shure KSM-9 or a Neuman KMS 4 or 5. k.d. Land prefers the SM58 to the point where she carries her own. These are people who CAN afford anything, yet this is the model they choose to use.

Let’s look at a few other factors. Worlds in 2010 was won using a $35 plastic yoyo, the Northstar. I have one, I’m getting used to it. What this tells me that it really comes down to the player and preferences. Ultimately, it’s the player, not the yoyo. The right yoyo in the players hand can help a lot, but if the skills aren’t there to back it up, it doesn’t matter what you have, it won’t make a difference.

So, if you’ve found the dv888 to be what you’ve been searching for, then I applaud you and recommend you enjoy that yoyo as much as you desire. Don’t let anyone change your mind. Well, at least until you get something else that you end up liking better, IF that happens.


well it depends. a lot of it comes down to preference. i have a dv888 and i love it but i find it a bit to heavy. so i got a one drop y factor. they are similar in size and shape but the one drop cost me more and yes it plays way better. it relay comes down to feeling. although i have some tests that i do every time i get a new yo. i see how it gyroflops. i see how the suicides open up. ill grind, ill see how many layers of string it can take. ill try and fly relay fast through tricks. try some horizontal play. iv found that for the most part more money dose make for better quality of play,but there are yoyos out there i find to be over priced. i own and have owned many yoyos over the 8 years iv been playing and my two favorite throws right now are the protostar($45), and the chief($145). the protostar at $45 is an unbelievable deal. they play awesome. the chief isn’t relay a great deal at $145 but let me tell you its worth every penny as the play is out of this world! probably the best playing yoyo iv ever thrown. hope this answers your question.


I heard that one of the main things to lots of $ for a yoyo is the weight balance. In other words the company probably put a lot more into making each yoyo halve exactly the same weight more for $$$$ rather than not as much for $ yoyos


saying someone sucks based on their preference in yoyos is stupid.


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you8 think the dv888 is amazing you suck.
WOW! Leave him alone for liking what he likes! There is no reason to bash him for that. AT ALL! Oh and btw just noticed that on your profile it says your favorite yoyo is the dv888. Think that one through.


I think some people around here need to learn to respect the preferences of others.

What I like is what I like. What someone else likes is what someone else likes. There is no right, there is only “what is right for that individual”.

There’s too much hate and agro garbage going on. Some people need to knock it off. There’s so many people who are respectful, which is great. But, it doesn’t take a whole lot of people being disrespectful to really make any community a miserable place.

I will NEVER speak down on someone else’s preferences. I can agree to disagree, or I can say my opinion, but I will NEVER act like that regarding someone else’s preferences.

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This is why people give up there dreams. Besides YOUR favorite throw is the DV888…

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I try not to think about a yoyo as costing this or that much… If I like it, I buy it, if I can’t afford it, I find a way I can… There are great yoyos at all price points, anywhere between a 10$ whip or a 200$ ti walker… Just go by what you really want, and don’t let anything stop you from getting one you like…


this is a question, I often ask myself

DV888 is a beast for the price and one of my most used throws (stacked version, so heavier) for practice

I also have big $$ throws that don’t perform any better

I just get the throws I like, aesthetically, regardless of the price (well, I’d love to get my hands on a stradivari but I can’t afford that much for a yoyo)


Wow, thanks for all the feedback. I pretty much figured most was preference, but also you do get what you pay for. That is the first metal yoyo I’ve had so I had no real basis for comparison. Plus, the real reason I posted was to justify purchasing a new yoyo, oh yes a $$$. Was looking at a spyy, kinda want something a tad bigger in diameter than the dv888, open to suggestions. I’m pretty decent at throwing, just clueless at purchasing. I used a Henrys viper for the last six years until i got the dv888. hey, leave wiltdik123 alone, he is right. I do suck. I’m a failure at life and have poor taste. Thanks for helping me discover who I truly am nitwit123. I’m kiddin wilnik123, your post made me laugh


well, look at it this way, you can pick one mean and sustain on it for the rest of your life, it’ll do the job by providing you with all necessary nutriments, but all your meals will be the same and you’ll miss out on many other good food.

yoyos are not only about performance, feel, hype, rarity, shape, color, you name it.

the DV888 does the job amazingly, but it’s nothing more than a DV888


Right now I’ve been basing my purchases around what looks cool, their name, and the overall athstetic. (Ugh, can’t spell that). I haven’t been disappointed with a yoyo yet… Except maybe for my Metal Zero…



It comes down to the right tool for the right job. Matching the player to a yoyo that works best for them is all that matters. Price is secondary at best.