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i need an addvice about dv888 vs. vellocity,
i’m a biginner and i want a good preformence yoyo that will stay long with low cost and this is my choice, and im broke but if i try i can get the money, what do u say?

Get the dv888 then.

I can’t say anything bad about the Velocity. I don’t have either item. But, if I had to choose, the dv888 should last a lot longer and be the better way to go. Only bad thing is:
Do you know how to bind? If not, then Velocity since it has an adjustable response.

But, if you’re broke, try this winning combo:
Since you’re looking at YYF, look at the ONE. It comes with a responsive bearing installed, and if you get the package with the second bearing, when you’re ready to move up, take out the slimmer bearing and put in the non-responsive bearing and you’re good to go. $10+shipping+get bulk Slick6 or 100% poly strings for $11 more(white). Want a second? Get a WHIP, but it’s non-responsive only, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you can bind.

So, your budget can be as low as $26 or so for a ONE with the second bearing(don’t get the DVD package) for $9.99, 100 bulk 100% poly strings for $10.99 and around another $5 to get it to you. Pop in a Whip and add another $9.99 to the total.

But, if you can get the money, dv888.

What are you throwing right now?

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Back when I was a beginner…ha! I still am! Anyway, my first yoyo was a YYF Protostar. To this date (a year later) it is my go to yoyo for learning new tricks and just playing around. I think it is a great beginner intermediate yoyo. Very forgiving with learning too. I bought a DV888 when it first came out and was super excited to get it. When I did, I didn’t really like it all that well and traded it at last year’s world’s for an 08 888 B stock which is my current favorite.

My recommendation is to skip the DV888 until you get into the advanced tricks on here then if you want to try a metal then go for it. In the mean time I think you will be great with the Protostar. I don’t know the velocity so I can’t really comment on it.

Also yes, learn how to bind. Your going to want to know that anyway down the road. When my protostar came in, I almost called the company I ordered it from to tell them it was broke haha. Don’t make that same mistake! Ask if you have any more questions.

Oh one more thing. I was told by many people like Studio said you may want to go with a cheap plastic to learn on. (The protostar is a more expensive plastic) but less than the DV888. I think…the reasoning by learning on a cheap plastic is that once you can learn and land tricks on a cheaper plastic, moving to a more sturdy, longer sleeping, metal or higher end plastic, it will become a heck of a lot easier and you’ll have a good jump on everyone. Not sure if that makes sense. I didn’t go that route, but you may want to consider it.

IMHO I wouldnt pass up a dv888 Ive got one and want another

For my 2 cents see below:

I started learning unresponsive play on a Lyn Fury and a Dark Magic. I eventuallt siliconed my Lyn and still carry it around. I don’t know where your skill lies but anything you pick could work for you. I found it easier to learn early on with my Dark Magic but once I sorted out binding and some preliminary tricks they were not trouble on the Lym either. I never tried a Velocity but I’ve had 2 DV888s and they are very solid performers that could last you well into your yoyo journey.

I have both and I don’t care for the Velocity and I love my DV888!

as said above

velocity is outdated, get a one instead if you want a cheap, plastic, yet good yoyo

DV888 is one of the very bests metals you can get for under $100, the ones who would tell you otherwise are biased

so nothing to compare here

you want a plastic, go for a “one” if you’re on a budget, otherwise, northstar, protostar, starlite
if you want responsive, get a FHZ (duncan free hand zero), I dislike it but people recommend it, so try it if you feel like you want to

if you get a DV888 you will NEVER be able to blame the yoyo for tricks you can’t do, it can handle anything you throw at it.

if your a beg. velocity is a great choice.that was my first good throw still use it till this day i have had it for a year now and still love it

thx guys, you helped me alot, thx for the expert team.
and i’m not yoyoing yet :slight_smile:
i’m new at the forum and i see here a good community, good advices, sincere advices. and…
i decided i’ll go with the dv888 sound perfect for me, high performance yoyo, capable high string tricks.
thx alot you just made me a happy man :slight_smile:

Velocity is a cheap, old, young for new yoyoers. But Dv888 could be a tad too far. If you’re gonna do beginner tricks on it, maybe you need to re-think. Bind is all you need to even throw a Dv888 but to really play and enjoy it needs some skill. Try DM2. It has a responsive bearing if you wanna go responsive or otherwise not.

But if you’re gonna get a Dv888, I’m gonna go for it, get a Raptor instead.
Raptor is extremely smooth on the string, glides like a baby in a lubed cradle, comes with 2 removable caps for different weight, feel, and speed of play, also includes 2 extra sets of response system, comes in many colors, has a nice laser engraving on each side, plays everything, IMO just as good if not better than 100$ ones. It just is irresistible, so stable and smooth on your hand, a perfect comfortable shape for a good throw, no awkward angles, and…and…oh Lord.

And many people have claimed to say that it is smoother than the Dv888, and it just

I did not really like the dv888 much at all. Just make sure to use it over carpet, as a begginer you are sure to bang it on the ground, so why not avoid unnecessary dings?

Who cares about carpet. Just go throw and have fun doin it. Dings are Dings…big deal.

One way to conquer the pain fo dings is to satin the rim. Then old dings will become a part of design and new dings after the satin will be almost invisible.

Hurts hand when grinding.

Yeah, dings are no big deal. They happen. It makes your yoyos unique to you.
But with that said, there’s still one yoyo I have that I only throw over carpet, and that’s a signed joexann genesis.

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It’s already been mentioned, but I have to back up the protostar. I recently got one and I can’t put it down. It’s capable of handling any trick in my intermediate skill set. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it plays. It does require binding but overall it is a professional plastic that won’t break the bank or make you cry if it gets scratched! Hope this helps:)

grind them away, that’s what I do on my beaters. just get my wife fingernails grinder and I smooth them out, takes a few seconds

hi guys, finally got the DV888 good yoyo, i know im abigginer but i manage to control perfectly over 4 days: budda’s revege mr zippy, matrix, tli hops,ripcord, mecbride roller coster and much more.
igot gifted hands :slight_smile:
the dv is great. having fun with it, bangged it couple of times on the floor, got a several small dings,anyway happy aboute buying it it is capable of doing so much more, and im happy i didnt start with begginer yoyos and got wild.
thx for any tips helped me alot