whats your opinion on the DV888?

im thinking of purchasing a DV888. I have a Dark Magic 2 but ive banged it up because it was my ‘learning’ yoyo so it doesn’t spin as long as it used to. Now that i have better control of my yoyo I would like to get an all metal one.


I’m thinking of purchasing a Dv888 and I want to know what you think about the yoyo. I currently use a DM2 but I’ve banged it up pretty good since it was my ‘learning’ yoyo and it doesn’t spin as long as it used to. Now that I have better control of my yoyo i want a little upgrade.

  HOW LONG CAN YOU GET IT TO SPIN (i know its all about throw, but how long can YOU get the dv888 to spin)

Hey, i don’t know for sertain how long the yoyo spins but i can get it up to around 5 minutes :slight_smile:
What i think of the yoyo:
The yoyo throws softly and when it grabs the string in a bind it comes up smooth…
my negative thoughts on this yoyo is that, whenever you try to play fast and do many rotations… it slows down pretty fast.

Anyhow, this yoyo is sooo worth the money, 45$ is not a lot at all.

I went from DM to Dv888 myself - and I think the Dv888 is a great throw. It’s much smaller than a DM though, - and if you like that or not is impossible for me to say.
But it’s a fair price for a very good metal yoyo.
If you don’t have various yoyo’s allready, I think it would be a good choice to get Dv888 - because it’s different from the DM you have allready.
Also, I don’t know your skill “level” but if you are having problems with tricks like spiritbomb - a smaller yoyo like Dv888 could help you out. Back when I was learning that trick, I found it very hard to land the DM through the triangle you create - because the DM was so big. Then I got Dv888 and things got easier. Then, after learning the trick with a Dv888, I could also do it with DM.

One thing about the Dv888 is that it will start tilting during a long trick, if you are being too sloppy.
But yeah, Dv888 was my main throw for a long time. Then I got a Protostar, wich I like more than the Dv888.

I can do spirit bomb pretty easily with the dm2 right now. but the tricks i like doing are long, fast tricks (braintwister combos, frontstyle combos etc). the first guy says the DV888 slows down really fast when you try fast tricks with a lot of rotations (like braintwister combo). And krasch says that it tilts when you do long tricks (braintwister combos can go for a while). So maybe this yoyo isnt the best for the tricks i like doing?

Here’s my thoughts on the DV888 it’s the 2010 opposed to the 2011 but I liked the finish on the 2011 one better and the shape was close enough that I couldn’t tell the difference right off.

Lol I forgot the link my bad…

Wonderful yoyo, don’t hesitate to buy it, Ive never met one person with a negative experiance with it

it really is a good yoyo i went from having the DMII to the DV888 and it really is worth the money

I like the dv888, it’s very solid and stable. However because it has more surface area to push around it does travel kind of slow sometimes. If you want something fast, you’ll need to go for something with a more aggressive v type shape that’'ll cut through the air better such as the Yuuksta or Phenomizm, or Raptor even.

I know all you guys agree on Dv888, but I have to say this.

I would choose the Raptor. It plays very smooth, almost vibeless, an air cutting shape ^^ for speedy play, 2 removable caps for different play, feel and weight, 2 sets of extra response pads (3 in total), comes in many colors and has a nice laser engraving on the side.

People tend to claim that the Raptor is smoother than the Dv888 but neither is a bad choice. I just had to shove my opinion out there.
The Raptor comes responsive but if you clean it or swap it, dead unresponsivenes.